Sit back & enjoy!


I am a great believer of Karma.  What goes around really does come back!  The biggest question is when?  The conclusive answer is when it's good and ready!  

I was brought up to treat others how I would like to be treated.  A great rule of thumb allowing moral compasses to be kept on track and in the right direction! A positive life mantra; one everyone should use!

Why be an absolute stinker on life's short journey?  So with this in mind, it becomes  challenging to comprehend when someone doesn't comply, has a different way of thinking or an opposite approach choosing not to follow this recommended tried and tested 'does what it says on the tin' guidance.

In the past before appreciating the full force of Karma, it was easy to waste precious time, sleepless nights and lost days preoccupied by evil thoughts of revenge!  From the ridiculous to the sublime;  contemplating various and extreme measures; i.e. voodoo.  (Not the whole shebang - just constructing a doll! - however, given sewing a button presents a challenge; this would be an unreachable goal - rather like attempting to climb Ben Nevis in flip-flops!).  

A task too great to replicate the ugliness of the perpetrator and one which would require time, energy and hatred; the latter nothing but a wasted emotion!  And with the worldwide web at the press of a button, the options of pay back online were more sophisticated, offered a wider choice, and were instant!

But neither were needed as when least expected Karma arrived; a welcome sight which renewed my faith in ‘What goes around comes around’. 

So, I sit with coffee in hand indulging in some therapeutic dunking, reflecting on past events.  Negativity has struck on those people.  Poignantly it appears they have experienced the wrath and consequence of bad karma in return for their selfish and spiteful acts.  It's awful to admit, but it makes me smile!  I genuinely hope lessons have been learnt for those who have wronged in the past and they have had the wake up call to change their ways before it's too late and before they realise Karma is the biggest bitch of all - but only to those who deserve it!