Presents to fill your stockings!

At this time of the year the two things we all have on or minds are;



Christmas Shopping!

The clock is ticking!  Countdown to the big day has begun!

We all know a certain person, who is a complete nightmare to buy for! 

Whether its because they seem to have everything or the challenge is on to get that extra something to actually bring a smile to a stroppy teenagers face, who at the best of times is fussy to infinity and beyond and who critiques everything with an air of disdain, their world driven by designer labels or the latest and very expensive trend!

Perhaps its the'Secret Santa' gift at work which has left you scratching your head, especially as the budget has been set and you know it really will be a miracle if you can get anything different and personal demonstrating you have put in some thought into the process, rather than just grabbing the nearest selection box!

So for stocking fillers, table presents or after dinner game prizes over the festive period, why not have a look at some of my festive fun suggestions?

Happy Chrimble Shopping!