With 22 days to go, I continue to monitor my Kindle Scout Campaign with military precision.

The scores on the board Miss Ford are;

Total Page Views 1.1K😀

But still 0 in hot and trending. 

Will I ever be hot to trot or not? 

I suppose it really boils down to how me the writer and you the reader perceives 'hot and trending' and if our definitions differ in any way?

From my research, I see making into that Hot & Trending category as another way of flagging up my book for the Kindle Press editors to take a look. 

And of course, there are obvious advantages! 

The signposting to my books whereabouts automatically becomes larger in its more prominently placed location, catching people’s eyes on entering the site.  There is no having to scroll down and work their way through the different categories until my campaign is found.

Just the mere title of hot and trending hints to the reader they are in for a treat and a great read. 

However, by reading past comments and looking at the workings of Kindle Scout, thankfully it appears that hot and trending doesn’t mean an automatic publishing deal.  There are other considerations made - phew!🤪

Of course, people are already measuring my success by my hotness as  who doesn’t want to be hot and associated with being hot? (do flushes count?) 


I will do my absolutely best, but the jurys still out according to my two teenagers and Im not so sure if totally honest it is anywhere to be seen on my bucket list.  I am a been there, done it and returned the ra ra skirt sort of girl! 

If I get to hot and trending, I will be delighted, but if I don’t, I will still be delighted! 

All I want is to share my novel ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ with a wider audience who will come on its journey and enjoy all the ups and downs the different characters experience when Karma pays a visit! 

This is my first ever women’s fiction novel – genre chick lit, although it depends how you define chick lit (that’s another blog!). 

My ultimate goal in life is to be published and to write full time. 

I see Kindle Scout, as one step further towards my goal and I can only hope and pray that the campaign ladder is held steady by you the reader, making it possible for me to climb aboard.

If you haven’t already nominated for me please do by visiting;


My second book ‘Anything is Possible will be ready to be released next year!

If I get published by Kindle Scout - I know this really is true!