So, its 9 days left to go with my live campaign for Kindle Scout and everything was going great guns until last week I noticed my stats hadn’t changed.

Wanting this to succeed, as all that apply to be considered do, regularly promoting my book, I sent an email politely asking why and was assured they get updated every day. 

Since that day my stats continue not to move as though frozen in time! Or if in Stranger Things, they have entered the upside-down world and have been silenced by overgrown ropy, root-like tendrils and biological membranes.

It has been and continues to be an interesting learning curve for a novice self-promoter like myself, who has tried to utilise her time effectively promoting the link to Kindle Scout for nominations along with my website, its growing number of book related articles, general looks at life and miscellaneous items.

When I started my self-promotion on the 15th November – Yes, I said I was a novice! On Twitter I had a mere few hundred followers and now just weeks later I have thousands, so that’s got to be a positive!

My website has gone from a modest 65 visits to 1455 visits in these last 21 days with the highest proportion visiting the page relating to my book. 

I have received emails, messages on Facebook and texts galore from family, friends, friends of friends, friends of family and associates, all confirming their nominations and yet to my and their surprise, my stats on Kindle Scout remain static!

Like Will Byers, I find myself in a mysterious world attempting to communicate with a wider audience to gain interest and make them take a look, albeit only through social media, not through manipulating electricity within different households up and down the land!

And now from remaining in this dark place for the past week, where one could only assume it appears I have been cast out with only the skeletons of unpublished authors for company!  Or perhaps I am wrong and Kindle Scout have entered this upside-down world too and are hooked up somewhere with tendrils wrapped around their wrists unable to do anything and are really not mind flayers!

In this world of social media and online participation isn’t it the strangest thing! 

So, it only remains for me to take action!  I wasn’t going to, but I will just have to use my telekinetic powers for the remainder of the campaign!  Not forgetting to invest in a good supply of tissues, as all this focussing puts terrible pressure on my sinuses and one never knows whether to put your head back or forwards during a nose bleed!

The main question is; Should I stay or should I go?

As whatever the outcome, I will continue until my book is published!