Its belly button fluff!

 Omphalophobia ...... is the fear of belly buttons.

Outies/Innies  - belly buttons look so funny - some have lots of hair  - some are in and some are out  - just a hole that goes nowhere!

For some people to look at belly buttons is an  unpleasant experience.

Sufferers do not touch their belly buttons.  Omphalophobia is commonly caused by traumatic childhood experiences involving belly buttons, like getting too obsessed about it or possibly resulting in poking at it. 

When someone accidentally touches his/her belly button, or even by watching someone else touch their own belly, symptoms can result in trembling, shaking, fleeing, nausea and vomiting, rapid heartbeat and breathing.




The irrational fear or hatred of the colour yellow is known as xanthophobia.

Individuals suffering from this disorder should expect a very high degree of anxiety from simply thinking about the colour yellow, let alone ever seeing it


Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – Fear Of Long Words

This phobia is often brought up at tender school-going age in children. When children find it difficult to pronounce long words and are being laughed at by the peers they develop this unusual phobia. This type of phobia can also be associated with genetic factors, anxiety, or brain function.