Today I am having what I would deem as a complete bummer of a day!  As darkness creeps in, I reflect; how can it be, especially as it began with so much potential? 

All those gorgeous hours of daylight lay in front of me like a lawn of undisturbed, snow.  So much was planned and yet so little achieved! 

It went from being a day of great possibilities to one marred with frustration where angry thoughts were easier to think and feel than opting to remain positive no matter what!

It has been the type of day where everything and everybody has grated on my nerves resulting in lying down in a dark room alone becoming very appealing! 

However, according to scientific research - bad days are bullshit and dont exist and there is not such a thing as having a bad day! 

This statement itself will be difficult to comprehend if your day, like mine has been complete and utter pants and you too have been on the receiving end of one negative event after another! 

But somedays dont you find, you dont even have to experience the day itself to know its going to be one to simply deposit into that 'do not open' storage somewhere in the darkened corners and vaults of your brain or worse case scenario a day that warrants erasing from memory completely! 

It's as if the bad day fairies have visted in the night and cast their spells of negativity and misfortune to bestow you on waking, as from the moment your eyes open - it all goes terribly wrong!

Example of a bad day;

You stagger out of bed, fall over the cat and then down the stairs as your socks have no grips on them and your in a rush! 

As if thats not a rude awakening to the day and certainly not the perfect way to get up and go, you then spill burning coffee onto your lap having jumped up to make it to the toaster in time before it gets burnt to a cinder, as some joker has adjusted the setting to max! 

This is the icing on the cake! (or smoke in the kitchen and ruined breakfast scenario!)  The smoke alarm decides to come to life with its shrill rendition of 'Burning Down the House' making the most unbearable noise, causing the dogs to bark, the cat to scarper, your eyes to water, you to choke and your head to ache! 

In error you take one of the cats worming tablets, having mislaid your glasses which you are lucky enough to locate at the point you sit on them! 

Is this me remininising?  quite possibly!

However, according to these white coated people who analysis everything that moves and always seem to wear comfortable shoes,that my friend is not a bad day!

Apparently according to hours/days/months/years of study, a bad day only exists in our interpretation of reality, which then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  So its a statement where actions are altered and therefore come true.

The person who states  “I am going to have a bad day,” may indeed subconsciously alter their actions, so their prediction is fulfilled. 

It appears from such findings the power to have a good, bad or indifferent sort of day is literally in our hands or our heads to be exact!  We are responsible for the end result having planted the seed in the first place, maybe one thing doesnt go according to plan and then everything escalates out of control after that.

Naturally the whole bad day definition differs greatly according to the person and their interpretation of what it looks like and means to them.  It can be measured by some as straightforward, a bad day is when their general mood is not great and a good day for them is when they are not in a bad mood!

Is it possible by thinking differently or changing scenarios bad days wont happen and will become redundant in our lives? 


Wake up feeling refreshed after a good sleep.  Get out of bed, make a fuss of the cat.  After dressing, aware socks are slippery walk down the stairs.  Theres no rush, still time for breakfast.   Make a coffee, pop the bread in the toaster checking its on the right setting.  Find your glasses on your chair before you sit down. Leave house.

OK! so its easy to be perfect and every day could be  a good day if you do things differently and perhaps with just the care and attention needed, rather than a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Perhaps the lesson to be learnt in order to have a great day is get organised, slow down and remain positive!  

Positive words to end on.....

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be - Abraham Lincoln

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference - Winston Churchill

Have a good day! - L K Maynard