• On the Brink with Pink

    NEW Kitkats turn pink...
    Ruby chocolate is a big innovation in confectionery!

    Made using ruby cocoa beans, it will have an intense berry-fruitiness taste.

    The pink chocolate was developed last year in China, and is the first new flavour since the white version was unveiled by the Swiss in the 1930s.

    The new KitKat gets its pink colour from the type of chocolate and there are no added colours or flavours.

    It's only the fourth type of chocolate invented, after the dark, milk and white types.

    Soon, you'll be able to buy the four-finger versions at Tesco and they have an RRP of 85p. But prices may be different in store because retailers can set their own prices.

    When it comes to KitKat bars, Nestle often roll out new flavours to try, like the lemon drizzle flavoured one spotted in Asda and the New York Cheesecake flavoured KitKat Chunky.

    In Japan they released a bizarre range of horrible sounding limited edition flavours inspired by classic sushi filling - tuna, sea urchin and egg.

    Ever wondered what the tasty filling is in between the crunchy wafers of a KitKat? You may be surprised to hear, then, that the "chocolayer" is actually smashed-up KitKats. Mind blowing.

  • Chicago Town Chocolate Dessert Pizzas

    Two of the greatest joys in life are pizza and chocolate.

    Are there two food products that give greater joy to people worldwide. It's just not possible.(apart from for me being allergic to chocolate!).

    Described as 'the ultimate choc-o-licious treat', the chocolate pizzas are currently on sale in Tesco.

  • KitKat Senses

    If the last two bits of chocolate information wasn't enough exciting news in the world of chocolate, you better hold onto your hats for this next bit of chocolate news...

    KitKat Senses are back and you best believe they're better than ever before.

    The yummy new delights come in hazelnut, double chocolate and salted caramel but they're only in bite-size bars opposed to a traditional Kitkat - but we can live with that.

    The boxes weigh 200g, so that's about 20 little tasty treats and they're priced at £3.99.