They would be Crocs!


It may be time to rethink those “Monday Morning Blues,” as it has been found that even though the nation reluctantly leaves their beds and sigh unitely,they are a figment of the imagination and utter nonsense!

Monday morning blues are nothing more than a cultural myth, as Mondays are not actually blue at all, so why do we all persist in the belief that they are?  Easier said than done!

Monday morning is remembered and predicted to be the worst part of the week mainly because it is the first work day after two days of free time, and because four work days follow before the next period of free time.  Likewise, Friday evening is the best part of the week because it marks the beginning of an extended period of free time!  Roll on Friday!

However, with more people working weekends is this accurate any more?

According to research, even if personally you dont feel it, employees feel more “energised and productive” at the start of the working week than at the end of it. 

Also, people who dread Monday mornings and love Friday evenings do this only with hindsight, or when looking ahead and it has been recognised through research that Friday’s euphoria is a chimera too!  In reality our moods and happiness levels varied very little!   As it turns out, the real low point of our weeks is a Wednesday, with Thursdays being the days where we are at our grumpiest!  

So, to capitalise on the energy Mondays can brings, here are some thoughts and suggestions why we should celebrate and look at Monday in a totally different way! 

Let’s concentrate on the positives of a Monday and the ways we can get the most out of the first working day of the week to feel happy and content!

Use Mondays to be motivated! 

It’s a great day to say goodbye to yesterday, wipe your slate clean, and go for your goals!  

If you have pigged out over the weekend, drank too much, spent too much or just generally overindulged, then start the week as you mean to go on! 

Research confirms that dieters have greater long-term success if they use a Monday as a ‘reset’ day to get back on track.

Being the most productive day of the week, embrace it, dont get beaten, get your head down and work like a demon through that ‘to do’ list.

Don’t be tempted to do a sickie!

It is well-known negative trait employers look out for and Mondays are the day of the week where most people choose to do this! 

Good News/Bad News!

Mondays are a good day to invest in the stock market but a bad day for staying alive.

Shares on a Monday tend to move in a similar direction as Friday making it easier to predict price changes.

A fifth more deaths happen on a Monday and it is the most common day to die of a heart attack.

Monday is also the day when your mobile phone is most likely to be nicked - shame on those light fingered thiefs!

Monday night TV is the best! 

There is always a drama on to indulge in - remember Marcella - Who couldnt get totally engrossed by Anna Friel and her stomping around the Edgware Road with those acerbic one liners and her unpredictable temper?  The soaps are also in force on a Monday with double portions of Coronation Street, Emmerdale showing its face and EastEnders too, all providing more drama than Rada!  And if you’re into The Walking Dead – to top it off that’s coming back minus Rick but how will it all end with the whisperers - Samantha Morton is chillingly convincing!

There are 5 bank holidays that fall on a Monday this year – so make the most of this!

Mondays are the safest day on which to have an operation. Danger levels then rise as the week progresses.

There is a 22 per cent higher chance of rain on a Saturday than a Monday so this is one day of the week where a good hair day can be planned and umbrellas can be left at home!

Monday is the only day of the week that has an anagram: dynamo.

There are only four more sleeps until that Friday feeling and the end of the week where the weekend is literally poking you to come and play!

Why not introduce a ‘Monday Morning Happy Hour’ get into work early and enjoy a hot beverage and breakfast snack whilst you swap weekend stories to get a positive vibe going?

Dont wait for dress down Friday have a marvellous Monday and change the dress code to inject a positive difference!

Start your week by recognising accomplishments and milestones – both at work and personally - it will instantly put you into a good mood!

More than anything – Enjoy your day and make the most of every Monday!