Lisa Maynard


I am a woman on the edge

No longer looking over with dread

Instead on the edge of discovery; an abundance of new and exciting times

Skating leisurely around the rim of opportunities  

Pirouetting on the brink of newness with only positivity replacing dark clouds 

No one can ever stop me again 


I am a woman on the edge

The view is now pleasing having changed for the better

No longer do I see darkness or feel spitefulness secrete around me

It has passed allowing my eyes to open wide and enjoy the brightness of each day   

Never failing to take my breath away and make me smile, happy for who I am and what I have

No one will ever stand in my way again


I am a woman on the edge

The ledge no longer perilous, its foundations strong.  I can turn around whenever I want to

Challenges are no longer obstacles; I have overcome any weaknesses  

No one will ever determine my mood or control my emotions again for their selfish gain


I am a woman on the edge

It’s been a journey and now not important to how I got here as I can come and go 

I am a woman on the edge

And here I will stay! 

No one will ever push me again!