What is going on with the weather and don’t we all wish the beast would return to the east and let us get on with spring!

But as this cold snap intensifies its best we concentrate on some more creative and inventive ways of keeping warm as we all know how to adjust the thermostat so what are some of the tricks we’re missing and the hotties on the marketplace that will warm everyone’s cockles!

Microwave Slippers

The ultimate foot warmers and a way to heat your feet on cold days.  They can be heated in a microwave to provide instant warmth and comfort for tired and aching feet made from super soft polar fleece and are great to keep your toes warm.  They can be reheated as often as required and stay warm for a couple of hours.

The Siamese Slanket

A slanket is a blanket with sleeves, but why stop there as to keep extra toasty get the Siamese slanket which has four sleeve holes so as a couple you can snuggle up together in ultra-warmth whilst still retaining the use of your arms.

Heated Socks

These socks come complete with a pair of portable batteries which conveniently sit inside a purpose-built pocket on the outside of each sock (on the leg). This makes keeping your feet warm a piece of cake. No wiring, other than plugging the self-contained batteries in and turning up the heat. Super!

Battery Heated Balaclava - one size fits all

Functionality meets technology. 7-volt heated Balaclava provides full-face concealment and protection from frigid conditions. It is made from a 4 way stretch 95% & poly 5% Spandex for comfort and provides heat from our 7-volt Microwire Technology located over both ears. It provides warmth for your head and ears for hours. guaranteed not to leave you out in the cold.

Zippo handwarmers

ZIPPO handwarmer - 6 hour burn time - sleek pocket hand warmer - Genuine Zippo Kit includes: Handwarmer, filling jug, cloth The Hand Warmer must always be placed in the provided bag to prevent overheating. Your Zippo Hand Warmer will now provide comfortable warmth. After ignition, heat is provided by a catalytic process without flame.

Leg warmers

Brace yourself against cold winter weather and life in general with leg warmers.

Whether you want in on the latest boom for sportswear inspired fashion, or you're simply looking for something to keep you warm and toasty as the colder days draw in, leg warmers are going to be your new favourite piece of the season.

Super cosy for those lazy days, leg warmers make a great addition to your loungewear for easy style.

The Columbia Electric Heated Boots

Back in my day if you wanted to keep your feet extra warm in the winter you put on a thicker pair of socks. But in today’s world, with all this fancy “electricity” and such, there always seems to be a superior technological way to do things. Such is the case with Columbian boots, a pair of hiking boots with an electric heater built right in to the sole.

They have a rechargeable heating system with three temperature settings to keep your feet nice and toasty for up to eight hours (4 at the hottest setting). The toe heating element and underfoot insulation combine for a -25F/-32C rating. A three level LED display on the outside of the boot gives you a good visual to see what setting you’re at.

The boots offer winter weather comfort without sacrificing style.

Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers

You might just feel the urge to hibernate through the winter when you ease into these cosy grizzly bear paw slippers. Rendered in a rich, golden brown hue, these grizzly bear slippers also provide full coverage and thick, cushy soles.

Beard ski

The Beard ski makes wearing a ski mask fun. It is a traditional ski mask that can be paired with goggles, but it features a full-length just-for-fun beard. Its adjustment attachment creates a one-size-fits-all mask. It is made from thermal fleece and vented neoprene and is also water resistant.

Musuc Sleeping Bag

The MusucBag is the all-in-one suit. Made for sleeping in as well as walking around in. A sleeping bag and one-piece suit rolled into one.  It features ventilation zips on the legs to cool you down, MP3 pockets to fall asleep to your music) and durable canvas on the feet to walk to on.

Outfitted with MP3 pockets where you can fit in your MP3 player or iPod, this is a walking, talking – or should we say singing – sleeping bag, that comes with arms, legs, pockets and ventilation flaps – all for the convenience of the sleeper or wearer.

The second you climb into the MusucBag you get an instant feeling of comfort. You can just lie down anywhere and feel right at home. The design really does provide a sense of freedom and mobility all while being isolated in your own personal zone.


Firestash Keyring

The hot wobbly stuff we call fire is incredibly handy. But stuffing some plasticky disposable lighter in your pocket is about as cool as ramming giant pickled onions up your nose. For this reason and many more you need the Fire Stash.

Impossibly titchy, this keyring-friendly zinc alloy capsule unscrews to reveal a fully functioning refillable lighter. Presto, Instant fire wherever you may roam. Chrome plated, the Fire Stash even features a waterproof neoprene ‘Oring around its thread, so shipwrecked sailors, clumsy boozers and cross-channel smokers can still light up (assuming they don’t forget their keys).

But even if you don’t smoke, this sleek gizmo is sure to come in handy at some point. Use it to light candles, bonfires, barbecues, blow offs, whatever. You can even wave it around during power ballads. The possibilities are endless. Best of all, at just a snip of a price it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Flame on!

Mug Warmer

Do you get tired of your cup of coffee cooling down too quickly? Do you enjoy nursing a cup of tea throughout the afternoon? A mug warmer is a perfect gift for those who love the soothing taste of warm beverages.  Ideal for those times when you're working late and need to keep your drink warm no matter how long it takes to drink it. This clever little pad, shaped in a quirky cookie design, sits under your cup then plugs straight into any USB port gently keeping your drink at 50 °C. So, no matter how long you're working, or how absorbing that computer game, a refreshment is always at hand

Heated Mattress Pad

The heated mattress pad eliminates the irritating feeling of crawling into a cold bed at night. The pad is a comfortable and convenient way to keep your bed warm during the coldest of winter nights. Features include low-voltage technology, a ten-hour safety shutoff, and easy-care machine washable fabric.

Beard Head Beanie

The Beard Head Beanie is a wool-blend hat and mask that keeps you warm. The hat and face mask feature a fun moustache and beard. In addition to being functional, this winter weather accessory also brings a smile to your face, not that anyone can see it!

Zoo Snoods

Some awesome crochet headgear for your dog! Zoo Snoods are hand knit animal-themed hats and hoods for your dog that keep will your pup warm and looking incredibly adorable! They're like Beard Heads for your pooch!

PJs Warming Pouch

When it's cold, nothing beats curling up in bed next to someone warm but in case you're sleeping alone then toasty warm clothes can prove a decent alternative.  Before getting ready for bed simply flick the switch and pop them in.  The heating device will begin its toasting ways, heating the fabric so that it feels like the warm touch of a fiery lover once it touches your skin.  Or, maybe, something similar that's not as life-affirming.  Either way, you'll hit the mattress feeling comfier than you would have otherwise.

It takes 10 minutes to facilitate a good toasting, after which you can safely pull out the jammies for slapping onto your body.  Since it will perform the same heating for most any fabric, you can easily use it for your towels, gloves, socks and other personal wearables, too, providing extra warmth whenever the situation deems it necessary.

Alternatively take the cheap option and just hibernate - go back to bed with a cuppa of something steaming!