Man Blindness

Have you ever noticed that the male species tends to suffer with a reoccurring and ongoing condition that doesn’t just affect them it affects everyone!

Its called man blindness or 'vir ablepsia' which kicks in whenever they are asked to look for something or to fetch something in a hurry.  It can also come in different forms; fridge blindness, garage blindness, remote control blindness and probably the most common; cupboard blindness.

This dude disorder means that they are unable to see even items close and within reach and require assistance to be able to continue with the task in hand.  No matter how big the bottle or how colourful the label they are unable to recognise simple everyday items.

Ailed by this repetitive visionless act that renders them frustrated and angry, Man Blindness also affects wives, partners and all other family members alike. 

Regretfully there is no cure as it is proven that even after years of being helped and pointed in the right direction, they always revert back to not being able to see anything they are being asked to retrieve.  Most likely to remain and starts from an early age in most males. 

The only cure is a stiff G&T for all those affected by this very annoying trait but must be over the age of 18 - Drink sensibly!