Daffodils are in the shops, and for some whose gardens haven't been destroyed by the bad weather there might be evidence of one or two sprouting their little yellow heads up out of the hardened ground.  Birds are singing and I would like to say that days are getting warmer, but maybe thats a tad too optimistic!  But all in all given the time of year, you wouldn’t be far wrong in thinking that spring is knocking on your door and peeping through the letterbox!

The UK officially switches to British Summer Time on Sunday, March 28, at 1am which means everyone will need to put their clocks forward by one hour which sadly means an hour will be lost in bed in the morning (boo - Stop Thief!). 

And although it will throw the clock off by only an hour, sleep experts say that's enough to leave people feeling groggy for a day or two afterwards, as losing an hour is harder than gaining an hour (it can in reality feel a bit like an episode of mini jet lag - not that any of us can remember what that feels like now!). 

It takes no more than 48 hours to readjust to that one-hour loss resulting in the day or two after it happens where people just cant get with the programme and don’t feel 100% alert!  Most feel it Monday into Tuesday and the majority will be more sluggish than others on that Monday morning, particularly those with regular sleep habits who wake up at a consistent time or snooze seven to eight hours each night.

The sleep loss associated with the loss of that little precious and very gorgeous capsule of 60 wonderful sleep optional minutes has been linked to increases in traffic and on-the-job accidents on that Monday following the change in time and that’s why its important to note its National Sleep Awareness week which runs from 14th March to 20th March.  This is full of excellent advice on good habits to adopt to ensure it won't be quite so tiring when you make the leap forward!