A good marriage is like a good novel.

It has you hooked from day one, is awe‐inspiring, impossible to put down and you never want it to end.

However, it can go from an enjoyable light-hearted romance into having to take cover from what has turned into a chilling thriller and ended up as a bit of a who dunnit, dun what and with whom! 

Most people who say “I do” mean it and at the time of uttering those two precious words enter the marriage with the highest of hopes for a long happy life together.  But sometimes in life things happen for a reason and divorce is one of those life events. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't just happen by accident.  In a marriage, whether it's been a year or twenty years, problems can build up over time and if one or both people within the relationship choose not to share how they're feeling, the probability of going their separate ways rather than reconciling is very likely. 

But marriages never end overnight. The twenty-year marriage has probably had warning signs for ten of those years, as no one just wakes up and announces after that length of time that it is not working and today is the day they wish to sever all ties and end the union.

When a marriage ends, in all honesty and the cold light of day, it has been ending for a long time, except one party always seems to be blind to all the warning signs.  One partner has either ignored or chosen to be oblivious to what is happening and opted to be blinkered rather than have to face the truth and deal with it.  Or perhaps we simply don’t like to admit that deep down any relationship is not as satisfying as we would like it to be.

Regrettably as a nation we are rubbish at talking, probing deeply into the root cause or entering the intimacy zone to ask those questions that need to be asked and that matter.  The very same ones that may provide us with all the answers, but as we do not want to hear them, we close our ears and chose to hear selectively.

We are nothing but a strange breed who tend to accept things the way that they are, afraid to voice our opinion, afraid to converse about things and then before we know it suddenly, the relationship is coming to an end out of nowhere and yet we could have done so much to prevent it!