I have been known to belt out one of my favourites in the shower or warble along whilst driving with the volume blasting whilst tunes of yesteryear are played triggering my memory and allowing every word to be recalled and regurgitated and in the correct order! 

Its crazy isnt it - sometimes we cannot remember what we did yesterday but pop Abba on and every word comes flooding back!

I was thinking about all the songs that during the course of my life have meant something or whose words have summed up what was happening at that moment in time or were catchy and memorable. 

Im one of those awkward people who listens to every genre of music and whose taste is wider than any river, lower than any valley and higher than any mountain!

I decided to share some of my favourite songs and lyrics and would love to hear if they hit a certain note with anyone else.

Singing is a most fabulous thing to do, not only does it make you feel good (this may not necessarily be the same for others - depending on the quality of your vocals), but its incredibly healthy and heres why; 

  • Singing increases poise, self-esteem and presentation skills.
  • Singing strengthens concentration and memory.
  • Singing develops the lungs and promotes superior posture.
  • Singing broadens expressive communication.
  • Singing adds a rich, more pleasant quality to speech.
  • Singing animates the body, mind and spirit.
  • Singing enables the performer to delve into characterization/acting.
  • Singing stimulates insight into prose and poetry and piques interests in the inner meaning of words.
  • Singing enriches one’s ability to appreciate the art of great singers.
  • Singing is an ageless enjoyment – you are never too young or too old.
  • Singing is therapeutic both emotionally and physically.

So..... tune up, tune in & Let it Go........