Stuff the children, Forget the eggs

Let do something for us instead!


Let’s go on a G&T Hunt!


Given that gin is one of my areas of expertise

by inclination, admittedly, rather than education

I think you will agree, there’s nothing quite like a G&T!


So, what are you waiting for?  Join in this activity so harmonic 

No other alcoholic beverage together has such a happy chemistry;
Than the gin & tonic!


I’ve got the lemons, limes, plums and cherries  

In preparation purchased many miniature bottles of gin

I’ve even remembered the olives and juniper berries

and some very fabulous martini glasses to put it all in! 


It will be fun and frivolous for us to indulge in this boozy hide 'n' seek

I hope you werent at all suspicious to what I was doing, tempted to have a peek!

They are all cleverly hidden around the garden and well out of view

The advantage is mine; knowing where they are located, so a head start for you


However, before you go and begin to forage

I do have a little confession….

Which given how close I am standing

I think you may have noticed the odd facial expression

The slurring of words & occasional stagger

Which is not down to being cool or having moves like Jagger!


I couldn’t help myself whilst concealing the gin

To have a little swig here and there and generally tuck in

This juniper liquor was just too crisp & delicious,

And with the right garnish, undeniably nutritious!


But life is fabulous!  Can’t you see by my grin?

Yes, I too suspect my euphoric mood is all down to the gin!

I am a mother, not ruined instead just happy & mellowed

And right now, could do with a dirty martini, all glistening & yellowed


So, what are we waiting for let the hunting begin!

I just hope there’s not more bottles of tonic left than there is gin!