Small children who kick the back of your seat -whether it be on a plane or in a car or bus

Parents for allowing small children to kick the back of your seat

Small children that stare straight at you for ages without blinking as though you have turned into an alien at the very least or have a bogie hanging out of your right nostril at the very best!

People who turn up late all the time, especially if you are always on time

Lack of manners

People who do not cover their mouth or nose when they cough or sneeze.

Spitters especially those who spit randomly in public on the pavement or roads

People who force themselves to burp

Negative people

Moaners/complainers when there is nothing to moan or complain about

Unnecessary swearing – when people just add it into a normal sentence showing no regard that swearing should only be at times when it’s absolutely called for

People who walk behind your car when you are reversing

The smell of dog food

People who feel sorry for themselves and expect you to feel sorry for them too!

Pens that have the chains attached to them

Mini pens, so small you cannot grasp them to be able to write with them

Free pens that don’t work

People who walk slowly

People driving close behind you

People who smell

People who eat with their mouth open

Rude shop assistants

Foreign call centres

Call Centres

Automated messages

Noisy Eaters


Wrong numbers

Door-to-door salesman

Stubbing your toe



People who talk loudly on their mobile phones

Spam email

Leaving a tissue in a pocket and putting it in a washing machine

Driving slow in the fast lane

Adverts in between programmes

Queue jumpers

Toilets you have to pay for

Long train journeys without a trolley service

Stepping in dog poo

Slow internet connection

No internet connection  

People that park in disabled bays when they're not disabled


People who complain about their weight yet make no effort to exercise or eat properly

People who will sit next to you on the bus even though there are plenty of empty seats

People who sniff and don't use a tissue


Feeling bloated

Delays at the airport

Running out of toilet roll


Not being able to get a doctors/dentist appointment

When the washing machine breaks down

Paper cuts

Muddy footprints all over a clean floor

Mobile phone infatuation and distraction

People not listening

The hot water running out when you're running a bath

People who mumble

Slow traffic lights

Temporary traffic lights

When people give you your change on top of a receipt


Cramp in the middle of the night

People who can't park properly

People who are not polite in emails

Trying to find the end of the sticking tape or toilet roll

Traffic wardens


Losing your passport

Running out of petrol

Burning your toast


Breaking a nail



Predictive texting

Bad hair days

Getting an eyelash in your eye

Hot weather when you're not on holiday

Sports commentary

Being sick

When the bus driver stops and haves a cigarette

Too much Sellotape used on a present

When people step on your toes and don't say sorry

The sales the day after Christmas Day

Ungrateful people

People that leave spots on their faces that look about to burst

Sausages in batter

Lavender air fresheners

Politicians who only door knock when they are campaigning

Photos of politicians rather than utilising the space to communicate their policies

Men over 40 with dyed hair

London underground in rush hour

People that do not reseal the wrapper on cheese

Social media trolls

Women who block aisles in shops with their prams

People who are too stupid to use self-service tills in shops

People who crowd the baggage carousel at airports

People who post inane rubbish on Facebook

People who barge past you

People who cannot spell. 

Text Speak

Smiley faces on business emails

Cyclists who blatantly jump red lights. 

The Green Party … enough said!

Parents who are in the pub with their kids after 7pm. 

Parents who allow their kids to run around screaming in shops, cafes and restaurants – inflicting their spawn on to everyone else. 

Estate Agents … what’s really the point of them? 

People who have to park as close to the door of a supermarket door as they can. 

People who ask for you to sponsor them

Men who think that other men who don’t support a football team are weird. 

People who use the word awesome to describe something every day

The compensation culture

Anyone who starts queuing way too early for a flight. 

Delivery companies who leave your latest internet order in your front garden and think it’s delivered. 

Shop attendants who ignore you while they continue their conversation with their colleague. 

Queues in banks


Stamp duty, death duty, VAT and tax on savings. 

People who go on The Jeremy Kyle show.