So its that time of the year where you have either booked your summer hols and are counting down the days or you are thinking about booking a break away, especially since the good old British weather has been such pants lately! 

Therefore its time to think about luggage!

I am a lover of suitcases and sometimes when I purchase an absolute gem, I am tempted to use it more than required or book more holidays just to show it off and get it out there!  However trying to remain calm I have found some gorgeous and colourful cases that will ensure you will never loose your luggage and you will be the first one out of that airport and into the heat offered by faraway shores in a jiffy as the days of spot the suitcase will be well and truly over!

One of my favourites is the option to have your case personalised with your ugly mug all over it - never again will there be that awkward moment when a stranger reaches out and whips it from the moving carousel!

I also discovered luggage covers, well slap my thighs and call me Geoffrey!  A cheap option to revamp your current case!

What are you waiting for?