So another three things ticked off my bucket list;

  • Go on a game show
  • Meet Ben Shepherd
  • Revisit Tooting - 'Power to the People' (Wolfie from Citizen Smith - Google it!)


I have to say as I watched it on catchup this evening Series 8 Episode 58 it was a bit of a giggle! 

The day itself was quite a nerve wracking experience and I can remember being distracted by nerves overtaking!  Who would have thought, as normally I have a Marvin mentality with 'Aint no Mountain high enough' but the minute I clambered onto the stage and stood at my contestant podium it all seemed too surreal for words! 

I completely forgot eveything, my general knowledge became more specialist to the point of extreme, my mouth went dry and my reflexes became those of a doddery geriatric (either that or my buzzer wasnt working - tee hee!)

Its difficult to be competitive when you struggle to even recall your name!  However, it was an experience and the best part of course was to meet the lovely Ben Shepherd, who is alot smaller in the flesh but as gorgeous things come in small packages I certainly wasnt complaining as very easy on the eye and what lovely manners!

I hadnt been to rooting Tooting for blinking years and I have to say nothing has changed!

So I have decided to move onto the next batch on my ever growing bucket list.......

I wonder what Bradley Walsh is like and how he will compare?  ummm.... its either that or sky diving - now what to do first?