It is nothing short of amazing this National Awareness Calendar and the array of topics that are promoted and brought to our attention to what otherwise would be just another normal day!

Jumping ahead into May as I haven’t even started to tackle the amount of things we need to celebrate and be aware of for April, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the "Zombie Awareness Month. And yes, that’s right not just 24 hours but 744 hours’ worth dedicated to the cause – which is?  Making people more aware of the coming zombie plague – what zombie plague?    Its purpose and presence is to educate people about prevention and preparation for a supposed future zombie pandemic.   

Are we on the same page? Is a zombie apocalypse possible?

I am fully aware zombies are all the rage, and have been for a few years now, there seems to be films and games galore bringing them into our homes and onto the big screen and of course The Walking Dead has helped to make it all seem real (at times!).

This allegedly inevitable zombie apocalypse has inspired more products and top tips and are you prepared sort of guides than I could shake a stick covered in barbed wire at!

The month long awareness campaign was introduced by The Zombie Research Society (ZRS), an organisation dedicated to the historic, cultural and scientific study of the living dead founded in 2007.  According to them May is the month in which many zombie-related films have been released, especially those they deem important to the evolution of zombies in modern media.  

They also have a ribbon for 'Zombie Awareness' and as you can imagine it is no other than a fitting brain matter grey, purportedly symbolising the shadows that lurk behind the light of day. A bit unoriginal and slightly overwrought, but I guess we will go with it. 

But bite my hand off and devour my kidneys guess what other grey ribbons are out there representing brain cancer and arthritis. The symmetry is just too choice for words.

So, what does this all involve and what do we all have to do to join in and get with the zombie program?  No surprise, this is mainly another USA thing where many will pay homage with movie marathons and even re-enacting zombie activities (not the nasty parts, just the walking, talking, stalking, activities) during say pub crawls or horror get togethers.  Will we celebrate this in the UK?  Cannot say I am convinced we will, are or do, although I am sure there are rural towns with odd little names that may already be paying homage to this event and I suppose what’s the harm in it?  Although the makeup and costumes can be costly and a bugger to get off (the makeup, not the costumes!)

It seems that zombies tap into many of our cultural fears and can reflect society’s fears of terrorism, biological infection, and societal collapse.  Playing out zombie apocalypses could help people process their feelings and release some of the fear they may have.

In addition, come on who wouldn’t have time during May to go through the motions of “preparing” for a zombie apocalypse as on the plus side the process would be helpful just to get your shit together for any sort of natural disaster.

So, to get ready for May and become completely aware of everything I need to know about zombies I have firstly got myself a Zombie Apocalypse Nickname, just to get into the swing of things and into character.

For the purpose of this activity I will now be known as ‘Willamina Biscuit Queen of the World’.  Just don’t ask – I mean I answered a few questions never even mentioned a hint of a hob knob and yet I am now a biscuit queen – its as though they knew! 

Anyhow if you too would love to find out what name you can adopt during a time where not many intros will be made then visit https://www.quotev.com/quiz/3433166/What-is-your-Zombie-Apocalypse-Nickname

I have also consulted several 'Are you prepared guidelines?' And been as honest as I can with how ready I really am.

Food, Shelter & Supplies; Having checked my cupboards, I realise I am not in a favourable position if anything were to happen before my next shop. 

I only have a weird and wonderful assortment of tinned food ranging from coconut milk to game soup (I was having an off day when I purchased those).  I have also located one tin of stuffed vine leaves and a treacle sponge pudding, so if I was required to shack up immediately I suspect I would be trotting not away from the walking dead but only to the toilet!

Shelter/Places to Hide; Now here’s where Feng Shui doesn’t help!  Going for a more minimalistic look makes hide and seek a thing of the past. 

Also there is only one lock in the wholehouse and that’s on the bathroom door and I don’t relish the thought of being holed up there for a long period of time.  There’s no where without windows so once again stuffed!

Supplies; as in Medical & Weaponry;  Now here’s something I should win brownie points on as I take pride in the array of medical supplies I have collected for any injury or illness, so feeling confident on this front. 

However, on checking all said items, most are out of date by a couple of years and the only bandage available is one for fingers. 

As for weapons all the usual suspects are to hand but of course this is the UK so I am talking a great set of kitchen knives which I am sure Jamie Oliver would understand me having to use under these new and unusual set of circumstances!  I have a couple of shovels,gardening tools and a broom that after watching Morgan from the walking dead demonstrate his skills, I am sure its would be just down to practice!

So, all in all am I prepared – No – Will I ever be prepared – No but thanks to the Zombie Awareness Month I am at least aware!