It has arrived! 

Having awaited patiently with baited breath and much anticipation, it is upon us once again! 

This weekly reoccuring event still symbolises the start of 'time out' for the masses and continues to be acknowledged as a landmark in the working week, regardless of whether you work a traditional Mon-Fri or your shifts take you into the weekend!

It is the day of celebration where feelings and thoughts are shared!

Friday, the day flagging up all the opportunities for fun and frolics to do whatever you want to!  A night where going out is top of the agenda and a day that can either zip by or drag depending on what plans you have!  

Whether its catching up on some much needed zzz's or lounging around in your PJ's for the next 48 hours!  You can do anything you fancy, as Friday is here giving you a weekend pass!

As its a day where many pay homage, here’s a list of words and meanings to acknowledge that day that is ……. Friday ;

Friday Feeling

a general buzz of euphoria which increases as the day goes on. 


a celebratory set of moves indicating fun times are just on the other side of the door marked ‘exit’ or when it is perfectly acceptable for your feet to randomly break into some sort of enjoyable shuffle as a display of sheer happiness.

Friday Fat Day

- the nominated day of the week to have a blow out and embrace the carbs.


a hot date booked in your calendar to look forward where maximum effort will be made and expectations have been building throughout the week.


– a pair of pants that are only worn on a Friday.


When a Friday doesn’t go to plan.


-The one you change into before leaving work, the war paint is on, lippy freshly applied, ready to party why waste a minute?


– that feeling of longing experienced on the run up to a Friday.


The sad person that stays beyond 5.30pm.


- a sudden outburst of song in appreciation and thanks to such a special day.


– when someone gets dress down day so terribly wrong!  Hairy, misshaped unsupported feet play no part in this work-related Friday scenario.  Ask the rubber feet thong offender; Do you work on a beach?  Can you see a beach from the window? 

Friday Confessions

– the day to confess all to your co-workers so they have the weekend to get over it eg: yes, I was the one who left the massive poo in the ladies on Tuesday/yes I did draw a moustaches on the family photograph on your desk.

Friday Car

– a vehicle/poor excuse for a mode of transport that looks completely done in and is used for everyday of the week and no one thinks it will make the Friday.


Thank God/Goodness Its Friday! – said during a good Friday.


– Thank Freya/Frigg/Fuck Its Friday -said during a bad Friday.

Just think only one more week to go! 🙂🙂