Welcome to Wednesday! 

Frequently thought of as the most pointless day of the week, but as it marks the halfway point between last weekend and this weekend, it can’t be that bad.......  

Referred to as ‘Hump Day’ once over, its downhill until the weekend! So, on that note ‘Happy Hump Day!” people!

Due to this Wednesday is officially the second most popular day of the week after Friday. 

Wonderful Wednesdays - the day where we can see the light at the end of that weekly tunnel guiding us in, getting ever closer soon to arrive safely into our weekends.

However, technically we need to get half way through the day on a Wednesday to really feel and appreciate 'the hump' if being pedantic in terms of the halfway mark, which isn’t accurate for those people who work over weekends as Wednesday may not be classified as their hump day!…. Anyhow’s… being the middle of the work week, it is probably the most neutral day of the week unlike Monday or Friday and follows Tuesday arriving before Thursday.

  • In most western countries it is the third day of the week, but in countries who use the Sunday-first convention, Wednesday is defined as the fourth day of the week.  This is also the case in the Judeo-Christian calendar as well and was defined so in the ancient Mesopotamian and biblical calendars.
  • The ‘Quakers’ often refer to the Wednesday as the ‘Fourth Day of the week’ to avoid the pagan association the exists with the word Wednesday and keeps with the traditional practice of treating each day of the week equally divine.
  • Wednesday comes from the Old English word “wodnesdaeg.”  This word meant “Woden’s Day” While some people believe Woden is simply an alternative spelling of Odin, the chief Norse god, Woden is a separate entity.  He was part of the pantheon of gods of the Anglo-Saxon and Continental polytheistic religions. 
  • Romans call it Mercurii honouring the god Mercury. Indians call is Budhwar after Lord Budha. Ancient Greeks called it hemeraHermu after their god Hermes.
  • Wednesday is associated with the planet Mercury and the colour green.  You can see this association in several languages such as Spanish (miercoles) and French (mercredi). 
  • The German name for the day, Mittwoch, literally translates to “mid-week,” while in the Portuguese, it’s called quarta-fiera, or “fourth day.” 
  • In Mandarin Chinese, Dutch: Woensdag. The Japanese version of the name Wednesday means ‘Water day’ as Mercury was known as the water star.
  • The name Wednesday continues Middle English Wednesdei. Old English still had wōdnesdæg, which would be continued as Wodnesday
  • Interestingly women look their oldest at 3.30pm every Wednesday, further to a study being carried out which found this is when energy levels plummet, work stress is at a peak and the effects of any weekend late nights finally kick in! - remember moisturiser & water!
  • Wednesdays are a good day to ask for a pay rise - in a survey of 1,500 bosses, most revealed they were more receptive to requests a Wednesday. On Mondays they are too busy preparing for the week ahead and by Thursday and Friday they are thinking about the weekend.
  • Wednesdays are a bad day for driving- most traffic accidents happen on Wednesdays  - this is factual after analysing 55,000 insurance claims (not me personally - otherwise that would be a woeful Wednesday!).
  • The name also made famous by the macabre character Wednesday Addams, her middle name being Friday, so surprised her surname wasnt Monday!  Cartoonist author Charles Addams was said to choose the name because "Wednesday's child is full of woe and she wasnt exactly a bundle of laughs!
  • Sheffield Wednesday Football Club is based in  Sheffield, England. It was formed as an offshoot of The Wednesday Cricket Club in 1867, until changing to their current name in 1929.  The name came from the day of the week when they played their matches.
  • Black Wednesday is remembered as a day of financial crisis when the stock exchange crashed due to the British withdrawing the pound from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. In one day the UK treasury lost 3.14 billion pounds.
  • It is an important day for Catholics as Ash Wednesday in March marks the first day to lent.
  • Spy Wednesday is the Wednesday before Easter and it refers to the treachery of Judas.

Whatever your doing on this wonderful, wacky, weird weekend teasing day – Enjoy it and have fun and remember to make the most of your Wednesday - dont get the hump go with it!