Some argue that Saturday is the best day of the week; as this is the day for a lot of us to feel its benefits! 

It is the ultimate reward for getting through the entire week!  Like being presented with a shiny medal at the end of that weekly marathon of having to get up at stupid o’ clock, go to work, negotiate with children, traffic and survive the daily shit life dishes out!

It has finally arrived and oozes great possibilities; spreading out in front of us like the warm duvet we find ourselves still wrapped up in. 

It’s that day of the week for those who don’t work where you are always guaranteed to wake up with a smile in the full knowledge you don’t have to jump out of bed and run around like a loony!

A day where your dreams of lying in can come true!  That daily struggle of having to force yourself out of bed disappears into insignificance as you turn over and get all comfy again feeling snug and smug!  You did it and this is the day of the week where you can begin to cash in on all those extra zzzz’s!

There is no setting of the alarm or hitting snooze, as Saturday brings nothing but warm duvets and the sense of relief that you can lie in for as long as you want or do absolutely nothing!  On average, we get an extra 27 minutes more kip on a Saturday morning Hallelujah!

Saturdays awesomeness just keeps going, it is the day that just keeps giving!  Middle of the weekend offering the most time to enjoy and let’s not forgot that the day after it is another day of fun too!  It’s not too close to Monday and it’s simply a whole beautiful day to do whatever we like.

A delightful equation of two variables become available of 'me time' and relaxation and when combined in equal parts it allows you to get the most satisfaction from a Saturday.   

Saturdays are a blissful 24 hours of the week free of agendas, schedules and all other stressful stimuli and no surprise it’s our top day for carrying out our beauty DIY with more time on hand to invest.

A magical one day providing you with a blank template to pamper yourself and do everything that makes you happy, whether it be it sleeping, eating, working out, or even working. It’s that a priceless no strings attached deal, that you only get once a week with the offing of a 'BOGOFF' as Sunday is never far away!

So why not take time out relax, put on a face mask, take a nice hot long bath and wallow, go to the spa, do anything and everything that allows you to get rid of all that weekly emotional baggage!

Any routine you choose is not only about the physical doing that gives pleasure, it’s the psychological too and ultimately, it’s just all about taking time out for ourselves!

Saturday is also traditionally a shopping day!  A day of window shopping or going for gold in swiping those credit and debit cards, indulging in all those beautiful things; because, you deserve that Loreal moment and are totally worth it!

As a later riser, this is the perfect brunch day or day to pig out.  Sod the calorie counting, have a drink at lunchtime followed by an afternoon nap!  You can do whatever you want!

It’s the perfect place situated in the week where you can catch up with family or friends and the only day where your to-do-lists dont have a voice and nag.  You have the luxury of not worrying about anything at all!  Curb and store away any of the worries of the week gone by, and any worries connected to the Monday, which is still far away!

Sit back, relax, enjoy that steaming cup of coffee or refreshing cocktail (alcohol is more than acceptable  - its Saturday!).

A day where traditionally sport is high on the male agenda and a visit to the pub to watch whatever sport is trending whilst quenching the thirst is a must!

And the day slowly blends into night where for some it’s a night to Party! 

Saturday strutting your stuff, going clubbing, dancing the night away where drink takes you by the hand and shake you around like a cocktail! 

The bodycon dress and sky-high heels perhaps were not the best decisions you have ever made when your feet are aching, and covered in beer, although at the beginning of the night you looked like a Saturday night goddess!

For me the thought of partying on a Saturday night no longer appeals (or on any other night for that matter of fact).  My stilettos are now silent, no longer do they call my name to take them out dancing and instead my low, sensible heels make my feet smile! 

Saturdays equal movie nights, nothing on TV night, unwinding with the popcorn and wine to the ready.  Curled up on the sofa with the children or the dogs or both enjoying a family film!  So, whether it is a movie night, or you are doing a Netflix marathon of the latest boxsets, grab the sweets and treats and get comfortable in front of that big TV screen- happiness!

But whatever you do with your Saturday, just make sure that you make most of it!

Did you know? ….

Saturday is also the day to give birth if you want your child to be a future Prime Minister. Almost one in three of the British premiers since 1900 have been born on this day.

You need to be on your guard around 6.30pm on a Saturday night as that’s the most likely time for an accident in the kitchen when the nation is at its busiest cooking.