Cheats never prosper - off or online!

Caught with your e-pants down!

WhatsApp or WTF?

Advances in technology make it more and more easy for those who want to, to cultivate multiple relationships and practice the art of being devious by cheating on their current partner. 

With texting, email, Snapchat, and every other social media available, flirtations and dalliances can be multitasked, let’s face it there are even dating websites that help arrange illicit affairs for those so inclined. 

But on the other side of the relationship coin, just as the forward march of technology has enabled those who wish to become better at being a better cheating scumbag, modern advancements also make it easier for those same cheating scumbags to be caught red-handed and red-faced! 

There are many ways to catch a cheat and sometimes it all begins by returning to the basics!  One would hope any amateur cheat would know how to delete their incriminating text messages and/or photos, but good news some dont or they forget! 

So if anyone has a suspicious mind and has been given good reason to feel like you do and who have always wanted to try out a deerstalker - now is your golden moment!

It is fortunate that there are still many ways to catch a cheat with their e-pants down! 

Number one rule of sneaking around and being unfaithful is to never put your lovers contact in your phone. Instead their name will be recorded in their 'contacts' under a different name – wow - so much thought and effort – on checking this, it quickly becomes significant to whom has instigated what – so original and yet so predictable!  If and when he/she calls, it will be played off as a work thing or a wrong number as they congratulate themselves of being so clever!

However, newsflash there are many apps out there just waiting to be used to record the amount of times certain numbers are contacted which may lead to some awkward and drawn out conversations; lying and cheating go hand in hand! 

Then there is another fab-u-lous app that works in stand-by mode which is designed to record sounds made whilst your loved one is asleep like snoring or teeth-grinding. But very useful as other sounds non sleep related can be picked up too; all perfect to store up towards divorce proceedings/breakups. Remember whatever said or moaned can and will be used in court. 

Just like a browser has a history, so do many apps. Just because a history is erased from your browser – surprise - it certainly doesn't mean it cannot be traced, there are apps to identify where people have been.  The same tracks that normally would require being covered more than once and is only as successful on how computer savvy the cheat is!

Blue sky thinking is sometimes required to catch a cheat out online so talking about skies, the Cloud is a wonderful thing and what is even more wonderful is most people don't really understand how it works which makes it even better for those who do!

If a photo is in there and gets deleted from the computer, it’s probably still in there. Just because you deleted it in one place doesn't mean that it's gone but where is it and who will locate it first? 

Another most useful features has to be the auto-complete based on what has been searched before.  It allows all the e-mails sent back and forth to be seen, even if they are in the trash. Simply clearing the search history won't be enough.  This is the same with different apps like WhatsApp where just a few buttons allow conversations to be brought back to life!  WhatsApp becomes WTF very quickly!

There could also be the opportunity to set up a little surveillance system, although not for the faint hearted and get the sick bowl ready – the only refreshing plus point is to be reassured cellulite is far reaching and to reconfirm that you could do much better!  If that doesn’t work then 'find your phone' apps are sure to catch out the guilty party, not to mention the variety of spying software enabling Facebook to be accessed and email history, as well as taking screen shots for evidence

The bottom-line is if you want to prove a cheat and get the dirt, then currently with so much at our disposable, it proves an easy task!  You don’t need to be Miss Marple just technically competent?


But the biggest question is do you want to and are you ready for what lies online?