If you were a superhero what superpowers would you possess and why? How different life would be if we developed superpowers of our own?

Can you imagine if suddenly you woke up with superpowers! 

How absolutely fantastic! 

Sporting my new superhero name of Lady Tick Tock Aqua Ice Box Flame Smasher Femme (catchy hey!) I can multitask a trillion times more than Dr Octopus because I am now the nuts at everything I do and can officially do everything!

Wearing my boomerang tiara with my Lasso of Truth by my side everyday chores would become a complete doddle, walk in the park, piece of cake (not chocolate!). 

Demonstrating super strength, unbelievable endurance, acrobatic and gymnastic skills of an Olympian weighed down with an abundance of gold medals, with such ease, finesse and an injection of superspeed I could accelerate to a level of swiftness, so fast everything would become a blur (a most excellent way to do housework!).

However, no one would ever suspect me of being a superhero until I arrived at the scene ready to do my superhero thing (apart from the new name – could be a bit of a give-away!).  No longer do I have to run around the house with a makeshift cape, my PJ’s have been swapped for a sparkly outfit, not too tight with a belt to compliment and flatter and of course one that can be utilised as a superpower accessory (zapping people that piss me off sort of thing!). Naturally my boots are absolutely awesome and not only high in heels, but will be high demand around the world once the public get a peek.

Of course, this is my superhero attire I would normally keep under wraps, but its soooo sparkly!

I can shoot webs out of each wrist and swing to the rooftops overcoming my fear of heights which is immediately eradicated as a superhero has no fears!  I can change the weather just by looking up to the clouds; today and everyday will be full of sunshine and blue skies.

Blessed with powers of flying which is an absolute touch given I hate sitting in traffic and instantly suffer from road rage. 

I have heat vision, freezing breath which beats morning breath any day and one of my favourites is my X-ray vision (naughty! – well a girl must have some fun being a superhero -  it can’t all be serious and saving the world all the time!).

I can see into the future and therefore can predict the lottery numbers each week which becomes tiresome whilst stockpiling millions each week.

I have the power to manipulate time and to control its flow by speeding it up or slowing it down or even putting it into reverse (who needs a crazy looking bad hair Doc!) or I can stop it completely while still moving myself normally, essentially giving me “all the time in the world.” Isnt that something!  Think of all the things Im able to achieve!  `To do`lists would become a thing of the past.

As aqua is in my name it indicates my aquatic powers. I can breathe underwater, swim at incredible speed and get this can even communicate with undersea life – dolphins are my best friends!

I can manipulate and control shadows to use them to hide and as a mode of transportation travelling from one shadow to another and my skin can be transformed into a layer of diamond making me almost indestructible!

My super strength allows me to lift really heavy stuff, like a car or two, my super speed would allow me to run faster than a bullet (both skills very handy when faced with traffic – I am loving these super powers!). Gone would be the days of fighting to open stubborn jars and bottles! 

With my Superhuman endurance I could exert myself doing a multitude of activities without getting tired. My new powers would allow me to run up walls, over water, or across the planet in an instant and all before elevenses without feeling tired.   Travelling the world becomes effortless, no more queues at the airport or snotty air hostesses or having to stock up on Rescue Remedy for take offs.

Not forgetting the additional subset of other powers like the ability to generate tornado-level winds from spinning my arms or vibrating my body so fast I would be able to walk through walls (not sure the neighbours would be that amused apart from Mo Farah!)

I would be blessed with the powers of invisibility; forget Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, I would be able to vanish in the blink of an eye!  Think of all the mischief!  Finally, I could be a fly on anyone’s wall!   I could become a private investigator and make a fortune spilling everyone’s nasty beans and for fun I would visit people who have pissed me off and poke them in the head every few seconds every day, up to the point where they convince themselves they are bonkers and break down, having to be admitted to a mental hospital and entrenched in strait jackets.

A bit of teleportation is a must where I could transport myself from one place to another as who wouldn't want to zap themselves between locations with a mere thought? Bouncing from place to place with ease would eliminate any need for air travel, long distance relationships, and even cars. Think of how the money that could be saved!    I would be able to visit my mum everyday even though she is normally a motorway away! I could even have dinner at any restaurant in the world and be back in time for Fear The Walking Dead.

Having telekinesis is something I have put a lot of thought into!

I would do so much more than just bend spoons.  Why would anyone want to bend spoons?  A bent spoon is nothing but an irritant and unusable piece of cutlery - this is not even on my super power horizon! 

For me the power to move objects and people with my mind would be another nice to have!  Always guaranteed to be first in the queue after removing others; a cast iron certainty to have my meal and drink delivered by a psychic floating it to my hand with a mere gesture when visiting restaurants and bars or getting the remote control without having to move.  I could paint the ceiling above the stairs (always a major ball ache) and free that item of food that always gets stuck in vending machines; in fact, I could just empty those frustrating machines!

As I can fly faster than an insect, bird or plane the power to not be stung/bitten by mosquitos, flees, bees, essentially anything annoying is a given.

The power to never be stressed, fatigued, sick, and to not have any problems related to health are also an absolute bonus. On that note I would have the power to heal and all serious illnesses would be gone forever

I would mostly be able to shapeshift into any character, person or creature that I like, I would morph at the drop of a cat!  I could become an array of famous celebrities looking like any person or even a house plant to spy on unsuspecting people.

I can vomit liquid that immediately dissolves the clothes of anyone who dares to attack me.  Nobody knows why this happens least of all me!

So, who wouldn’t want to be transformed into this amazing individual being given the opportunity to do extra ordinary things.

But guess what I’ve never told anyone this before, but I am already a bit of a super hero as I have super powers I don’t like to brag about or publicise.

I have the ability to find keys, wallets, toys and lost articles of clothing with my psychic powers! 

I can produce a healthy hearty meal overflowing with goodness on a modest budget and can put away that mountain of laundry in a jiffy. 

I am never late, always there for everyone and can bring a smile even to the sulkiest of teenagers faces. 

I keep house and garden, look after everyone and always make sure the one power I have in great supply is shared and that’ is love!

Its a good feeling being a superhero!