On the National Awareness calendar there is a day where you can eat anything you want. 

It is called ‘Eat What You Want Day’ and every year its held on May 11th.

It’s a day when you can choose to eat anything that takes your fancy.

As the media constantly bombards us with images of the perfect body, and it seems like every week we’re told about something else that’s not good for us, add to that all the health food fads that come and go, it’s no surprise we get so worried and stressed out about what we eat.   So, this day has been created to let people let go of their food hang-ups and live a little!

Eat whatever you want without worrying about calories and have a day enjoying what you eat for a change.  Pig out on pizza, scoff sausages, guzzle gateaux, gobble up garlic bread, bolt down burritos, wolf down waffles or just nibble on some nachos!

However, on my calendar this day is ‘Everyday’ as I don’t believe we should constantly stress out about what we eat.  I certainly don’t pig out or guzzle, I just eat sensibly and every now and then throw in a treat!

With everything in life moderation is key! 

But on the 11th its ok to go stuff your face!