"I would i had some flowers o' the spring that might become your time of day... daffodils,that come before the swallow dares, and take the winds of March with beauty; violets dim,but sweeter than the lids of juno's eyes...o, these i lack,to make you garlands of, and my sweet friend,to strew him o'er and o'er!

~william shakespeare, the winter's tale [iv, 4, perdita]

  • MARCH National Bed Month

  • MARCH 1ST National Pig Day

  • MARCH 28TH National Something On a Stick Day

  • MARCH 19TH National Let's Laugh Day

  • MARCH 20TH National Ravioli Day

  • MARCH 17TH St Patricks Day

  • MARCH 26TH National Spinach Day

  • MARCH 14th Mothers Day

  • MARCH 18TH National Awkward day

  • MARCH 2ND Dr Seuss's Birthday

  • MARCH 1ST Refired not Retired Day

  • MARCH 19TH Red Nose Day - Comic Relief

  • MARCH 12TH Alfred Hitchcock Day

  • MARCH 28TH Respect Your Cat Day

  • MARCH 4TH World Obesity Day

  • MARCH 9TH Barbie Day

  • MARCH 9TH National Get Over It Day

  • MARCH 11TH International School Meals Day