babylons – baps – bazongas – bazooms - bitties - bolt ons – boob –  boobage – booby – breasticles – bust – can cans –charlies – chesticles –chest puppies – earboobs – funbags – gazongas –girls -headlights – hooters - jugs– kahunas – mammaries – melons– moobs – naughty pillows – puppies – sweater meat –sweater puppies – tiggobitties - titties - the twins   

Whatever you call them – breasts come in all shapes and sizes! 

But sometimes we get it so wrong especially in relation to where and how we house them and where drooping is concerned.  Us women are fickle things and normally it’s a case of we want what we don’t have!  But one thing we can all agree on is not craving saggy boobs that resemble empty carrier bags no matter what age we are! 

However, it must be said we are not very caring or considerate in looking after our girls/women/old biddies!  Findings show we are absolutely dreadful in ensuring we wear the correct bra to give ourselves maximum support and, in demonstrating that we understand that as our chests change over the decades, we too need to accommodate these changes.

Regretfully, but honestly; time and the ageing process both equal gravity which means breasts lose their proportion, elasticity, perkiness and youthful appearance (boo horrid breasts no wonder we don’t look after you properly!).   A lot of drooping happens from pregnancy, childbirth, and breast feeding.  That little thing called gravity also plays its part!  Over time, perkiness fades as gravity pulls the ligaments in our breasts downwards; it's just a natural process.

Bringing us to compare notes on bras. Such simple contraptions, yet the source of so much controversy and concern.  So, what should we do to help? 

Maybe it does all lie in the bra we choose?   Did you know that more than three quarters of women wear the wrong size bra?  A new survey revealed 64% of women wear poorly-fitting bras and out of that number 37% intentionally wear ill-fitting bras after purchasing them in the full knowledge it’s not the right fit!

What is wrong with us?  So it comes as no surprise that most women don't know their correct bra size and therefore wear the wrong size and have been doing so for a long time. 

We are creatures of habit and even though we have attention to detail in other areas of our lives, it appears we are happy to settle on not caring for our boobs by storing them correctly during daylight hours!

Our rationale for wearing the wrong size ranges from attempting to fit into another size if our size is not in stock, not appreciating the variation in sizing for all the different brands and any weight fluctuation just to add to the fun! 

Maybe there is an element we are just lazy, and we can’t be bothered – life is too busy, so what’s the problem with an unflattering shade of grey full of safety pins?

Our purchase decisions should be driven by three key factors: shape, fit and comfort and by the most important additional plus poiny which is by buying the perfect lingerie can dramatically improve the way we look achieving that perky looking chest and feel making us more confident – so what are we waiting for?

Yet there are still so many contradictory facts about what's good and what's not where our boobies are concerned. So, lets tackle the common questions about the ubiquitous undergarments and put to bra bed any mammary myths that may prevent our girls from getting all the support they need!

Do chest exercises and push ups promote perkiness?  As expected a regular exercise routine will work out the pectoral muscles and can also help promote a perter bust over time, but the fundamental fact is that no exercise can directly tackle the issue of sagging breasts as breasts are purely made up of fat tissue.  The firmness of the breasts is related to the skin quality and the size of the mammary gland. 

Does wearing a bra in bed prevent sagging?  If this were the case I would put all the bras on in my possession for bedtime and wake up with my shoulder boulders situated just under my chin!  At some point in your day and I’m certainly not suggesting during working hours or anything inappropriate it’s good to let your bust bust out and take a break!  Basically, wearing a bra can help to achieve the immediate desired shape and look but, once it's removed, your breasts will return to their natural position (surprising how low they can go!).  Regrettably the only thing that keeps our bazookas up and ready for action is a proper bra fit or a cosmetic surgeon!

If I splash water onto my breasts will it keep them firm?  Come on people if this were the case I would be taking cold showers throughout the day!  There is a common misbelief that splashing cold water on the breasts can cause the tissue to shrink, which will lift the boobs, contributing to a perkier shape However, this remedy will only serve to increase the skin's elasticity, but it won't help to firm this body part – shame!  It’s a lot cheaper than smothering yourself in bust enhancing creams!

If I wear a larger bra will this cause sagging?  Opting for a large bra can help to create a fuller looking cup size and there is no scientific evidence to suggest that wearing a bra that is too big for you will contribute to sagging breasts.  But isn’t it better for women to wear lingerie to fit their natural shape to ensure they are comfortable (I am clearly becoming old and sensible!).

Can running help to prevent sagging? Exercise is always recommended as it contributes to a healthier lifestyle.  However, when training, women should wear supportive resistance bras to counteract the sagging effect, nothing worse that witnessing too much bouncing around when people run apart from people running in the first place (why was the car invented?)

Is it true that there is nothing you can do to prevent sagging boobs?   Eat well, exercise and avoid excessive exposure to UV rays will all help play a significant role in maintaining the quality of your skin.  Yo-yo dieting can also have a detrimental effect on the breast area because it will cause skin to loosen and will create stretch marks which are difficult to remove.  

Is it true that if you don’t wash your bra too often that this will help?  Oh, my goodness would you sport the same pair of undies multiple times without washing them?  The same rules apply for bras, the fabric breaks down when it’s constantly rubbing against the dirt and oils from our skin (that fact alone is enough to make you want to rip it off and head for the washing machine!) So, to prolong your bra’s life, you really want to make sure you wash it after every wear or go wild and buy a selection of bras and have a few of your favourites on rotation!

Should you put your bra in the washing machine?   To be honest handwash would be better – but who has time for that in this crazy world we live in?  Bras wear out faster when tossed in the washing machine; straps and hooks can get caught on other items in the drum so use a cool water cycle and place them into a mesh garment bag. (def getting old and sensible!)

Now you know there is no excuse to make any more boobies!