Wedding season is officially underway with one wedding in particular coming under a lot of focus, but hey what do you expect its Harrys and Megan’s!

They like every other couple getting hitched hope for an unforgettable day for all the right reasons; one full of happiness that goes smoothly.  But so much can (and will) to go wrong and in their case already has with crazy relatives selling their stories and cashing in on the big day! 

For most of us crazy relatives goes without saying so it’s reasonable to expect some sort of glitch, both big and small but it’s all in how you react that makes or breaks the day you get spliced!

We regularly witness in romantic comedies,sitcoms and reality TV some absolute clangers where tying the knot disasters make us all thankful it’s happening to someone else!   

However, they also act as mental alert us to add things onto our radar and audit of things that sometimes you forget to add to that checklist in the run up to exchanging vows.   Unexpected things happen and crossing your fingers and hoping for the best won’t cut it.

If you want to minimise the chances of a wedding day disaster, you’ll need to  be prepared and flexible both crucial elements to not letting a mistake turn into a drama!

And if it all goes wrong, even though you prepared, you’ll need to keep your head, or you can make sure everything goes exactly according to plan by having no plan at all! If you don’t expect perfection, you will have the perfect day, but it can be difficult to keep expectations in check when most weddings involve thousands of pounds, countless details, months, even years of planning, and most of all, strong emotions for couples and their families

It is fact that way too many brides put pressure on themselves to create the “perfect day” for this once-in-a-lifetime experience that you want to remember forever and one that is labelled to be the happiest day of your life with so much build up.

Like anything, there are always things you can't control which can thwart even the most carefully planned nuptials, and often do.  The weather for one and time management can be the biggest contributor to any wedding day hiccups.

Perfection is not always perfect so it’s important to have a sense of humour as there is very little that a good laugh or good glass of champagne can’t cure,”

Things that can go wrong

  •  Getting pooped on by a bird during the photos
  • Your dress doesn’t fit
  • Caterers have double booked
  • Your shoes rub and give you blisters  
  • Photographer doesn’t arrive
  • You are ill
  • The venue has misspelt your names on the welcome board
  • The invitations have the wrong church address or a typo
  • An event has blocked the roads to the venue.
  • You forget to wear something blue
  • The organist doesn’t show up
  • The vicar cannot make it
  • The air conditioning stops working
  • Children play up
  • Your Dad has a coughing fit during the speeches
  • The florist gets stuck on the motorway
  • Guests cancel
  • A freak storm causes a power cut
  • The wrong song is played for the first dance
  • Guests get intoxicated, before, during & after
  • Your mum calls the groom by the wrong name
  • The transportation doesn't show up
  • There are arguments between couples and families
  • Things are forgotten
  • People pass out because of heat, nerves and anxiety."
  • Someone throws up
  • People run late
  • The weather is horrendous
  • The best man forgets the rings, drops the rings, loses the rings
  • Babies yowl during the exchanging vows ceremony
  • The Best Man speech is embarrassing, inappropriate, too quiet, too noisy, uses swear words or is lost
  • Your jilted at the altar  
  • Additional unknown guests turn up uninvited
  • A wardrobe malfunction occurs; A stuck zipper! A ripped dress! A stain on the groom’s shirt! Something spilt on the dress!
  • The DJ is rude to guests who request songs, doesn’t stop talking, plays the wrong songs or acts like a game show host.
  • Guests arrive dressed inappropriately and not in line with the dress code
  • The wedding cake has melted, is stale, is dropped, causes an allergic reaction  
  • Flower arrangement has drooped, is wrong, doesn’t happen
  • The band didn't play, turn up or did but weren’t the ones booked
  • Your husband says he’s gay
  • The caterer forgot a food item or forgot to cater for the vegetarians and vegans.
  • A fight breaks out
  • Someone strips during the evening reception
  • The honeymoon gets cancelled
  • Someone dies
  • Your already married

Just roll with the punches and focus on the fact that you are with your family and friends and getting married.  You are fortunate enough to be able to celebrate life. These moments are a gift!  So take a deep breath and keep remembering that this day is about your expression of love, not a competition for The Most Perfect Wedding!

There is always a unique story to tell which will never get old and odds are you'll be having far too much fun on the wedding day to even care!  

The day is about the vows you will make to one another, not about a show to impress everyone in town. After all as long as the wedding takes place, everything else has to be secondary.