Jack -Is love his staple diet?Is this a winner? Will he be taking anyone back to his pad?

Jack be nimble
Jack be quick
Jack jumped over
The box marked 'Bic'
With teeth as white as the whitest cloud in the world, like the white of the sand of a Caribbean beach far far away, as white as a ream of A4 bleached paper.  Meet Jack the clumsy young chap from Kent who knows every type of paper, but will he be anyone’s type on paper?
If ever there was a pen pusher this ‘Stationery Sales Manager Extraordinaire’ could be the next winning male partner making his signature and writing his way into the Love Island history books!
But is he really Mr De-pen-dable? 
Already he has confessed to being a cheat when he was younger and sillier insisting if the right girl came along he wouldn't be unfaithful and he is there to find love on the Island. 
He doesn’t like girls being fake, talking behind people’s backs or farting and burping.  Based on that criteria he needs to pack his case and get the hell out of there!
However, on a more positive note he's as much looking for a bromance as he is romance on Love Island, as his mantra is that friendship is really important and will get him through.
He’s hoping the Love Island girls will fall for his pearly whites and with an impressive set of 'glow in the dark' Turkish veneers, his choppers may well come in useful! 
His smile has been likened to Joey Essex, his voice to that of last year’s male winner and his face of a younger and much skinnier Arg! 
But all Jack needs to do is be himself and then he won’t be left on his Jack Jones or turn into Billy no mates and be heading back home to his box of rulers – something he firmly would draw a line under in agreement!
With a claim to fame of his ability to swim a length underwater – is he in over his head or will he get on swimmingly and manage to keep his head above water and avoid single status?
Instead of treading water he needs to ride the waves, test the water, dip his toes and then dive in to the experience as one feels that his lack of chiselled abs perhaps makes him lack a little confidence. 
But sometimes humour and the gift of the gab can be the winning combination.  Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack please demonstrate you’re really not that thick!
Will he be all write? 
Even though he has a close connection and love of pens, to date he doesn’t seem able to get to the point where a love interest is concerned and seems to be incapable of letting a girl know he is looking for something more permanent instead just allowing her to read between the lines.
So, if he is going to be any more than pen pals during his Love Island experience he needs to learn to wear his heart on his sleeve a bit more and erase any of his insecurities without becoming Adam!!
Can pensive Jack be the highlighter of any girl’s life?
We will just have to keep pencilling in Love Island in our diaries and watch this space….