Someone you think is wet, spineless, or annoying. A particularly hopeless person may be downgraded to 'cheese melt’, or worse, ‘tuna melt’. Acting soft/pathetically over a girl, or boy. Being a soppy Sally - but in a way that draws disdain.  As in: "You're acting like a total melt." 

‘Getting to know you’


‘Sticking it on them’


‘Cracking on’


'My type on paper’

In theory, he or she is everything you would usually look for in a partner.  


Derivative of ‘mugged off’. To be played for a fool. Underhand or treacherous. When someone tries to steal the person you’re ‘getting to know’, it’s a particularly ‘muggy’ act.   


Making someone fall for you. Involves ‘getting to know you’.  Putting in work romantically. To lay the groundwork for love. 

‘Losing your head’

Making rash decisions on the basis of overwhelming ‘cracking on’.  This happens a lot.  


Rejected. ‘He pied me off’ (as in a custard pie). ‘I can still taste the cream from being pied off.’  


A drama queen.   


Being irritable or aggressive


Definition: Behaving angrily towards someone else. 


Disrespecting someone by being rude. 

'Getting to know you'

This literally encompasses all human interaction any of them have with each other.

'Stick it on her/him'

Early courtship rituals. i.e. putting the moves on for a snog and a grope.

'Crack on'

Pre-dumping “It’s not you it’s me- I’m going to ‘crack on’.