Scot-ta be LYING?

Is this scot from Stirling going to plaid guilty to being as fake as her tan? 

Money Grabber or as shallow as a deep fat fryer full of Mars Bars? Things are set to become very turbulent if former Cabin Crew member and P/T hairdresser Laura has anything to do with it!

The ex-trolley dolly also known by the name 'Missy Love' with an annoying voice is already someone who the programme producers have described as a ‘nightmare’. 

Having either dumped her beau to enter the show or entered behind the 'mystery man's' back, she is without doubt an experienced player who wouldn’t think twice about making a move on someone else's guy. Her female co-stars had better watch out!

She is not aff her head, but how is this canny blonde going to ensure that she lands the prize in addition to just looking like an older version of one of last year’s popular contestants?

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Love Island contestants are not only seeking romance, but also the inevitable fame that comes with the show. With this bonnie ballsy lassie, it’s plain to see its just the latter she is interested in!  She doesn’t care if she is simply winging it all the way through the eight weeks just cruising along and keeping on course to the £50,000 and untold publicity, as in her world 'thistle will do very nicely!'

Her celeb-hunting past through working the First-Class cabins have provided her with opportunities to gain a collection of saying 'cheese' or just cheesy images with various celebrities.  This also clearly demonstrates what her hobbies and past time on her CV would be and her chief motivation as a contestant on the Island.  She is an official star gazer. 

Not short of a photo, her Instagram account documents all the men in her past life before entering, giving plenty of photographic evidence of her past dalliances with any D listers to the press and social media who can now exploit giving her plenty of air time.  But this may prove to be her downfall - so lets hope that she remembers the safety demo and has packed a whistle and a torch!

Having revealed she's a member of the mile-high club after having intercourse with her ex-boyfriend on board a flight. Classy! No perhaps it was economy!  It has already been predicted she will be one of the first contestants to have sex in the villa and she hasn’t wasted time to ensure that Wes is on board! 

The flighty air hostess stepped forward for Wes after being initially paired with Alex whom she didnt really want but told him she fancied him really when she thought she may have no choice but to be stuck with this A&E Dr who you hope is more qualified than his chat up lines!  Later after bagging Wes, Laura admitted to not being that into him as she then set her sights on muscle-bound Adam.  However this was short-lived!

As her celeb-spotting came into the public spotlight she came under fire and has been accused of gold-digging as her affection for Wes once again heightened when she discovered he had once splashed out £1000 on a first date.  Wes became Captain of her world once more to whom she could visit in the cockpit and admire (thats another story.... scared of heights or flying maybe......) 

Heres a woman who admits she doesn’t like arrogance and selfishness or someone who is a complete idiot and thinks they are bigger and better than anyone else. So perhaps things might not pan out after all and she will return to the skies sooner than she thinks or wants and find herself situated once more in amongst the clouds asking if anyone wants tea or coffee or drinks from the bar!

For this ex Emirates airlines worker only, she will know where tomorrow will take her!

Watch this space……