Who is Adam Collard?

Let’s start with a challenging question - Is he big headed?

Um ........tricky one as anyone who describes themselves as a ten out of ten I would lay money on it being a dead cert!

He says he’s not good at washing the dishes, which is another statement I would think is also true, as he is probably too busy preening himself or practising the word ‘like’ – it’s a tough one Adam but practice makes perfect so don’t give up pet!

Is he someone who has just been caught out big time because it turns out he once made a cameo appearance on Geordie Shore – despite his claims that he turned the show down because it was derogatory to Geordies?  Thats another yes! - A hat trick already!

He also describes himself as someone who doesn’t get on people's nerves – wye  aye me old marra- think a reality check is required on this one!

As you may have guessed from his washboard abs, he is a personal trainer who describes himself as ‘tall’, ‘dark’ and ‘in good shape’.  But has he always resembled this chiselled version of Mr Muscle who doesnt love the jobs you hate?  It turns out he wasn't always that way - in fact, he has gone through quite a dramatic transformation to make his body the way it is, as evidenced by his Instagram account and many would be shocked to see what he used to look!

Amid all the endless shots of his torso – you'd be mistaken for thinking he's quite a fan of himself – attached is the one showing how personal trainer Adam has changed and in a relatively short period of time.  Wonder if his Gym is called candy?

However whilst his impressive array of defined muscles may signify good health and promise to the Love Island lasses, there are some obvious downsides.  A well-defined body means discipline and stamina for physical activity, but most of the time it also means he has spent too much time on himself which indicates he wont be willing to make any time for anyone else!   Adam only has love and admiration for Adam. 

Short on the vocabulary stakes, but tall in stature at 6 feet 5 inches he has said that having sex on TV isn’t a big deal for him stating cockily that some of the girls might want to try before they buy.  And it is evident from his first set of predictable strategical moves that it won’t be long! 

But will this overly confident Geordie with the overly-inflated ego already have overstepped the mark by assuming that every bikini cladded girl that enters the villa will not be able to resist his good looks and physique? 

Perhaps at some point it may dawn on him that perhaps girls yearn a decent personality and someone who has the ability to string a sentence together that doesn’t start, end and consist of the word ‘like’.

As a PT and gym director the 22-year-old only launched his gym weeks before Love Island producers came knocking and was initially unsure whether to leave his fledgling business to go on the reality show.  Tough one!

He has admitted he's looking for romance in the villa but isn't going to get hung up on finding 'The One'.


He has had a couple of serious relationships, lasting a year and a half – and admitted to cheating on a partner. (Hope you were sitting down for that revelation!)   He “can’t stand” girls who are too materialistic or have bad teeth.

He is super competitive and hate losing – which is a shame like!  Open the champagne and let’s celebrate as I think the only bubbles he will be getting it the one that will burst .... very soon!

Get the glasses and watch this space….