If you’re not equipped with a towel that has specifically been designed for the beach then your most likely not optimising your beach experience! 

Leave those bath towels in the bathroom and invest in a proper beach towel as it will provide real value to your next sandy shore visit.  

What are some of the major differences between beach and bath towels:-


One of the major differences between bath towels and beach towels is size. Beach towels are generally much longer than bath towels. They’re meant for lying on the beach, and the extra length provides a larger space for a person to lie on.  

Bath towels tend to range from 27 inches by 52 inches to 30 inches by 58 inches in dimension. While beach towels are about a foot longer at around 30 inches by 70 inches.


Another key point of differentiation between bath and beach towels is appearance.  

Maybe you don’t care about style? Maybe you should? Lets not turn into fashion extremists, but lets also remember the way we present ourselves sets us apart from others and is a form of expression.  

Beach towels are generally more brightly coloured, often depicting scenes, cartoons and other designs. Bath towels are usually found in solid colors or simple patterns to match other bathroom accessories and bath decor. 


Beach towels are designed to be thinner than bath towels. Because bath towels are subjected to more water, it’s necessary for them to be thicker and more absorbent.  

Beach towels on the other hand are used primarily as a barrier between a person and the sand of a beach or concrete around a pool. Since they are thin, beach towels dry much quicker in the sun. This means even though they are larger, they may also lighter. 


When you pay more for a beach towel, you are paying for the design, colouring and length of the towel. Bath towels are sold much more commonly, since they are used throughout the year instead of just one season, so they usually cost less money. However, bath towels are available in different thread counts, so they can be pricier if you want more luxury. 

The Bottom Line

Bath towels are thicker and shorter than beach towels, which are generally thinner and considerably longer. Whether to invest in a bath or beach towel depends largely on its intended use. If you spend a lot of time at the beach or pool, quality beach towels are a must.