Love is......

Dani & Jack .......?


Cor blimey mate! Have a gertie gitana! Call me Mick Carter, pour me a pigs ear  and let me brussel sprout the latest wooden pews!  You wouldn’t Adam and Eve it?

Have a butchers its only Danny Dyers bricks and mortar on turtle dove island!   

Must admit the brass tacks are at the moment she comes across as not being sexton blake and quite a good bubble bath! Shes a real treacle tart, full of good cheer, maybe that’s because she normally works in a nuclear sub, so shes in with a wally grout, used to dealing with hampton wicks and all those who are oliver twist!

So far we have seen her making friends with the cadbury swirls, paired up with Jack and his incredible hampstead heaths, blowing drying her mince pie lashes and getting a little bit roll and buttered when the new girls came in!  Georgia looked like her long lost skin and blister!  Whats that all about?

At one point early doors it looked as though it could all be going Pete Tong for Dani when she announced she just wanted to just be a china plate with Jack, who give him his due didn’t have a derby and jones and agreed. 

But the fridge freezer was telling porkies and luckily even though he was yet to be, he told the world he was gutted and did give a kate moss!  The geezer didn’t want to rifle range!

But after having a cocoa drink Dani decided she needed to get something off her birds nest as she actually likes him more than a fruit gum   They have a heavenly bliss and mix and muddle and are back on track and once again a smile can be seen on her boat race! 

But is it too Liz Hurley? Will she get in another two and eight when more peas in a pot males come into the mickey mouse?

Will she start to barnaby rudge Jack the pen sales man?  Will she still be Torvill and Dean on this kentish Isle of Wight? Will their relationship stay ping pong or will they not be a good cut and scratch and not a happy weep and a wail?

Dani let me give you a lump of ice, have a Russell Harty but stick to your sausage roll with Jack.  Don’t take any pony and trap!  Be led by your loaf of bread not your strawberry tart and certainly not whats in his or anyone elses lards! 

Remember nice twist and twirls don’t drop their Alan Whickers and try not to get too elephants trunk as that’s the time when things get out of german band!

Keep your minces open and your ten speed gears to the ground.  Keep your firemans hose clean and stay clear of Adam who wants to get into everyones Adam Ants and who is nothing but a strawberry split who goes to the fatboy slim and whose mind is constantly in the bread and butter.

Lots of frair tuck and here's hoping that you wont be catching the sherbet dab out of there and instead find yourself a nice  squeeze to keep longer than 8 weeks!