The name Eyal is ranked 3,566th of the most used names. It means that this name is commonly used and there are at least 95100 people in the world with this name which is around 0.002% of the population. 

Eyal, of hebrew origin, is a popular first name. It is more often used as a boy (male) name. 

The name Eyal depending on where you look for its definition and offers a variety of options, in most it’s a name that means 'courage' and 'strength'.  Interestingly it has association with having philosophical and spiritual attributes (dont we know it!). 

However, look beyond Wikipedia and enter the Urban Dictionary and the meaning of the name Eyal is slightly different and probably more relative to a certain Eyal that has been thrown onto the centre Love Island stage and is currently receiving a huge amount of bad press. 

Eyal:- A man slut, who loves daydreaming about getting laid’. 

This 22-year-old spiritual’ model from Bushey who is displaying your father's tightly wound '70s ringlets/poor interpretation of Justin Timberlake's crispy 2000s ramen noodle waves started the process being a bookies favourite, not only with the initial line up of girls who bodly stepped forward, but also with the viewers. 

Alas this was short-lived and is now definitely not the case as despite stating he always tries to be a gentleman and always does gentlemanly things, he has not been true to his word.  Instead he has shown an array of brown colours and acted in a way that makes you want him to choke on his green tea! 

Never trust a man with a perm! 

I doubt his curly locks are natural and his curly wurly mop tells a pot noodle tale. Not a bad boy Bombay, but more of the sticky range, rather than the original classics. 

He is slowly turning into a male Medusa with a high snakeability factor demonstrating a number of mean and ulgy tendencies.  He doesn’t yet have the ability to turn others to stone, apart from Alex, who sincerely needs to grow a pair and stop being so terribly English/Welsh and polite under the circs! 

Eyal started out as someone who appeared sincere and then began to be sneaky when things weren’t going his way and all his toys were scattered about.  The transformation to complete moron was quick to spot which isn’t surprising given his theatrically training and the nation looked on uncomfortably and in outrage as he continued to act in a way that causes discomfort to others, Alex in particular! 

What comes over loud and clear is this is a person who has been made a lot of, bigged up and ego boosted from an early age to believe that its OK for him to act in such an inappropriate way as long as he has the confidence to talk people down or verbally justify his behaviour  - Hey what’s the problem people? 

He attended the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School in London which is well known for churning out cultivated talents like Amy Winehouse and Rita Ora, but is also recognised for its intake of precocious children driven by their pushy mothers who spend all their times telling their young how wonderful they are. 

By the law of averages, if you are told endless times how wonderful you are, you actually start to believe it and use it as a life mantra.   Eyal is a perfect example of this acting in a way that demonstrates his moral compasses has been left behind somewhere in the process. 

Interestingly he was part of a teen pop band called EverYoung from 2011 to 2015 and even though he claimed to have already experienced ‘fangirl hysteria’, he has also been remembered for storming off the stage at a local school when the year 8's started chanting "your shit and you know you are!" 

Even though the group was signed to a subsidiary of EMI, Seymour Place Music, they never really took off.  For a unheard group who seemed to sing to schools, his opening up about his fan base by saying: he loved all of his fans but adding a very odd statement that sometimes when you hug them they proper sniff you in the crease of your neck which is a bit much.  Yes, Eyal your inflated ego is a bit much agreed! 

Predictably he’s a model, because it would be a crime for him not to be (if your into moody curls top off shots, some even wearing dunagrees - Jeffrey and Bungle are back).

He started out when he was a pretty 11-year-old boy with straight hair and was signed to a kids' agency called Truly Scrumptious along with his older brothers Tal and Ariel.  Now signed to Nevs Models in London and Full Circle Model Management in Cape Town, he has worked for brands such as Adidas and Bang+Strike. 

A big Instagram star which surprise surprise is pretty much is one of the tick boxes as part of the recruitment process for this show having a whopping 43,000 followers, with whom he shares a variety of pictures of his corkscrew hair do, a joker smile and 15 abs. 

Eyal says he's definitely looking for love as he's never had a long relationship (no surprise there!).  He has had a ‘mixture of flings from a couple of weeks to six/eight months and prefers to avoid one-night stands.  

Not adverse to cheating he states it’s not really okay but when you’re young and finding out about life and your relationships might not mean as much as when you’re older, as long as you’re honest and stay true to yourself then I think everyone deserves a second chance – translation its ok to have your cake and eat it – hope he chokes on all the crumbs if the green tea didnt work! 

After all the years of investing in her boys his mother must have her head in her hands when he revealed his secret ambition was to date a Victoria’s Secret model  - Eyal adjust your dreamcatcher and your yoga pants and make your mother proud! 

Initially he was coupled up with Hayley Hughes the Liverpudlian who thought Brexit was going to put an end to trees and going on her jollies to Spain!  But it wasn’t long before her admiration turned into boredom and the admission from her that there was no chemistry, they had nothing in common and she felt physically sick after he kissed her (must have been the wheatgrass after taste!).

It didn’t take long for Eyal to get back in the game and focus his attention on newcomer Megan who says she actually a shy person despite stripping for a living and getting naked for glamour shots – it would be frightening to think what she would have done with a bit of confidence! 

According to Megan who also is in touch with her spiritual side, she chose Eyal because he was more chilled with the whole process, although Alex felt this was evidently not true based on the way Eyal acted around her.  Alex is the other beau she is keeping on ice and is undecided on between him and Eyal...... 

Bigheaded Eyal said that other contestants may attempt to woo him by ‘captivating him and enticing him with both their mind and looks.  However blow up doll lookey likey Megan didn’t get a chance to show her deeper side before he made a beeline for her and swayed her by stifling her protests with kisses and changing her mind from Alex to him with lots of hugs in the absence of any trees and his intense stalker behaviour ensured that he was coupled up at the right time. 

It was one way traffic and Alex was the victim in this hit and run showing the nation in Eyals sneaky but cocky fashion that the Doctor is no threat to him! Doctor Who? 

The petulant child Eyal becomes when he feels wronged will be his wrongdoing and before he knows it he will be packing his curlers and return home to map his karma!

Watch this space.....