They tried to save him with an I.V., but it was all in vein. 

Come on Alex – I think that someone needs to take your pulse as I have never seen anyone so stiff and not in a good way!

Cringe ability factor kicked in when on your dessert date you went in for a very awkward kiss holding her head in place as you planted one on her, stating for you it was a great feeling and it just felt that it was right and a moment that needed to be seized.

Your timing was not great so soon after telling her that people seem to assume you would only go for an ultra-intelligent girl meaning ……?  Choose your words boyo and one hopes that your bedside manner is much better!

Your chat up lines are completely random like I like cars!’ really ??? – Is that the best you can do?  Even though this is factual and you do love cars!  Again, a little bit of an odd pastime to pose looking a bit out of place or a potential car thief nearby or in front of a selection of cars to upload onto that social media scrapbook Instagram – however horses for courses and all that jazz - if we were all the same life would be such a drag!

At the beach hut after THE KISS Alex shared he was ready to impress and wanted to flip the table from the excitement and buzz he felt after announcing she was gorgeous and going in for the smooch - Steady Tiger, your blood pressure might rise! - Is there a Doctor in the house? 

Instead he just took a sip of his wine!  Well that showed her!  

Alex your just too sensible!  Perhaps if you had flipped the table, beaten your chest and then ripped your shirt off before taking her in your arms she may just stay there rather than seeing an opening to ask Wes who served up the main in her trio of male totty to play a game of ‘Would You Rather’ and plant some seeds of doubt in his coupling with Laura?  

You have been an interesting choice as a Love Island Contestant  - perhaps a little bit of a guinea pig in this social experiment and its sink or swim as do you really belung there?

Although pigs can swim its all about the guinea - so in for a pound in for a shilling and I am sure it will tibia OK! 

It is slightly unusual for Love Island to place an offering of both brains and brawn in the same package and then you arrive Mr A& E or maybe they just needed a medic to the ready in case anything kicks off!  

Felling chirpy with a spring in your step you prepared breakfast for Ellie to try and keep the momentum going feeling happy about Alex, which is always strange when people refer to themselves in the third person. 

However, in your defence your observation and statement regarding Adam was spot on when you announced that you were a big believer that in life you should do what you must do to be happy with the caveat being not to hurt others in the process.

So, who are you Alex George with your dodgy sunburn (what factor?) and selection of questionable shirt choices? 

Are we ever going to see any mouth-to-mouth action after seeing him suffering a series of brutal rejections on the show most recently by getting snubbed by Megan Barton Hanson when she ditched him for curly wurly mass of hair, tie it into a little bunch on the top of your head like a hairy pineapple Eyal Booker.

He was also left red-faced after dumped islander Hayley Hughes refused to kiss him during a smooching challenge saying she didnt feel comfortable given he was a Dr, come on love - he wasnt exactly reaching for the rubber gloves Hayley!  

While he hasn't won over any of the ladies in the abode, he has certainly made friends with everyone else and seems to continue to be a firm favourite of the viewers who are willing him to find love whilst on the island.

And let's not forget we are a nation who at heart all love to see the loser win the day and come through over that finishing line making their way to a trophy and happiness.  We are all sitting on the edges of our sofas hoping that Alex the cumbersome socially awkward caterpillar becomes a beautiful confident and triumphant butterfly before our very eyes living happily ever after with a girl who appreciates him for who he is.

Dr Alex George is an A&E doctor, currently working at the University Hospital Lewisham in South East London in a job that he absolutely loves.  He is 27-years-old, originally from Carmarthen, Wales and has studied medicine at Exeter University and worked as well in a maternity ward.

Already he has planned his part time return to the hospital hoping to become a part-time medic and part-time TV person intermingling the two. 

Alex with his jolly hockey sticks outlook and ability to get on with everyone is a distant descendant of David Lloyd George chancellor of the exchequer through the early years of World War 1, known as one of the greatest Liberal leaders and Prime Minister from 1916 to 1922.

So, what is Alex looking for in a girl for our patients to finally be rewarded?

The best way to his heart is someone who is open and honest, passionate as well as driven. 

Will this be newcomer Ellie Brown blown away with his culinary banana skills and new and improved chat?  Or is she just showing an interest to use a viewer favourite and faking her affections to progress further in the show? 

Alex said how he was chuffed to be chosen to be date number 3 and a pudding or was it that she chose him saving the best till last in the form of Alex? 

Being a positive chap, he is excited and Alex saw this as his opportunity to come in with the sweet course like a knight in shining armour, a horseman and hopefully impress her after the others warmed up the proceedings – Stop right there Mr George – when was the last time you saw a chivalrous and brave rescuer arrive onto the scene holding a key lime pie?  Have you ever witnessed a man on a horse trotting along with an apple crumble in one hand and reins in the other? 

For an intelligent individual who delivers babies and saves lives, his skills of appropriate articulation are very questionable!

He quickly blurted out that for him there was an instant attraction and a connection with her and boldly went on to share with Ellie that he found her engaging, with beautiful eyes and felt she was a really open and honest really nice girl and all this from sharing a banana split – the future is bright the future is yellow and Alex please stop using the word really – really!

Business development manager/car sales person Ellie Brown, 20, has announced she absolutely loves him adding shes not looking for anything specific and if someone makes her happy, then they are for her.  If they don’t, they’re not – bit woolly chick!

But Alex is no stranger to love, well no stranger than his current strategy has been so far he has had a girlfriend for four years which fizzled out naturally as they outgrew one another and moved on leaving him to be a singleton for 3 years which probably has a lot to do with his very demanding and excessively long working hours role.

Alex was able to secure the time out required to enter the villa and appear on Love Island by working a zero hours contract which means employers are powerless to stop employees from pursuing other projects.

So, feeling optimistic about things with Ellie, even though its early days, Alex feels like she’s got a lot of the things he wants and he is feeling more confident that he will remain on a sunlounger rather than staring into the lovely eyes of Caroline Flack for the wrong reasons.

Watch this space……