We all watch intrigued and dismayed by Adam, his attitude and little boy in a sweet shop mentality where it comes to the way he identifies his perfect partner (which to date has changed 5 times if you include he said he was attracted to Dani in the first line up).  He doesn’t just state who he fancies he then swoops in and sure enough much to us screaming at the TV don’t do it – think of Kendall, think of Rosie – what makes you so special - there is something about bad boys that all women find incredibly appealing!

As a gender on the whole no matter what our age we demonstrate an illogical soft-spot for massive jerks and make some damn crazy dating decisions often regretting the experience afterwards.  And even though we have personally opted not to be exposed to this televised social experiment, for most women we can all say hand on our hearts we have all been there, seen it, bought the T Shirt, worn the T Shirt, washed the T Shirt and realised that it no longer fitted!

It is sad to report that the majority of people harbour romantic notions that their soulmate will be their polar opposite so although conventional wisdom upholds that women should be wary of men who say and do the right thing with too much ease, they often can't help but find them utterly appealing and sod the warning alarm bells ringing at full pitch and words of caution from others!

When it comes to dangerous liaisons most women are irresistibly drawn to bad boys like moths to an oxy-acetylene torch.  Take Rosie who has just had a large portion of Karma served up cold and is still trying to digest it, she came wiggling into the process and her smugness of bagging the bad boy has come back and smacked her on her curvy booty well and truly! 

Bad boys come in all shapes and sizes normally smouldering sex appeal, but it is fact that bad boys are much less malleable than their nice guy counterparts and normally not keepers and just in it for the short term!   Adam is no exception!

So why do we do it?  What makes us go weak at the knees and drawn in only to find a destination of disappointment and mistrust and at times accept the unacceptable?

Perhaps it’s the alpha male thing as most bad boys have a survival-of-the fittest swagger that many women find irresistible and therefore hormones can certainly distort our judgment.

Maybe it’s the mystery and danger as bad boys are also unpredictable and intense which can be mistaken for exciting and intimate. The excitement of it all can make us feel more alive, but blindness overtakes. The bad boy could be a lover, but he is not necessarily a protector.

Adam reminds me of Kaa the snake in Jungle Book.  There are noticeable similarities as Kaa is a sly and seductive character, speaking with a soft, often entrancing tone to either lure his victims into a weary, dreamlike state or manipulate them into bestowing their trust, thus allowing him to devour them unexpectedly. He furthers this using his iconic ability to hypnotize his prey with his eyes, rendering them enchanted and under his command.

Zara already seems enraptured by his spontaneity and it can be witnessed from her body language and facial expressions how much she is exhilarated by the anticipation of being with Adam,

Or does it all boil down to the inevitable challenge? 

When a woman falls for a 'bad boy she tells herself that she will be the one who can change him, so there’s an element of ego involved!  Will Zara be the one?  It is still early days and now it has been recognised by other housemates how much of a player Adam is and Rosie has laid down the gauntlet to Zara spelling out a massive warning to steer clear.

But when it happens again, no one will be surprised, and no one will feel sorry for Zara who will only be suffocated by a barrage of ‘I told you so’s!”.

It is true that we women love nothing better than rescuing damaged men, whether it’s from being on the wrong side of the tracks, a terrible taste in shirts or a severe case of emotional constipation.

Adam is definitely constipated emotionally but I don’t think this process will provide any match to flush him out and change his ways.  He may look all man, but he demonstrates the immaturity associated with a boy of wanting everything from the Argos catalogue at Christmas and not being able to identify what he likes most!

Newsflash - the chances of a woman succeeding in changing a man so profoundly are as slim as a toothpick!

There are other motivations at play as being with a man who is edgy and dangerous is an instant way of completely turning around perceptions and it can be the ultimate act of rebellion.

Dating a man who stands apart from the norm is known to deliver a heightened level of excitement. Perhaps he slightly ignores you and makes you work harder for attention and the thrill of finally getting him alone can be an overwhelming rush.   This can be seen with Zara whose reaction is getting her adrenaline pumping and her heart racing.

The badder he is, the more stimulating the intimacy becomes!

A bad boy can also alleviate boredom especially if a girl has a history of boring dates she will unwittingly fall for the charms of a guy whose whims will take her out of the traditional routine for good.

Sometimes dating a bad boy is just to fill the emptiness and that bad boy is able to enter and rock our worlds because there is a space inside that is open to anything

Adams attitude and outlook have the potency of an aura? All of this attention is bouncing back onto the people closest to him.   Adam seems to be the centre of attention in the villa no matter what the reasons - good or bad!  The taste of this reflected glory can be like a powerful drink or drug and it seems that girls quickly get addicted to the limelight he provides.

One thing that bad boys are not is boring but it is excitement with a price until we get hurt, and that's the one thing that you can count on with a bad boy.  No matter what your age when treated badly by the bad boy it feels just as painful as it did back on the school playground!

Love Island is a game/a social experiment so how much has the condensed period of time and end goal changed its players and their mentality and the way they treat others?

One would hope that no matter what at the end of the day treat people how you would like to be treated and surely you cannot go far wrong and as for the bad boys – what happens to them?  No surprise they just grow old not up and then turn into lonely old bad men only with memories of their badness that eventually fade!