By changing nothing, nothing changes

Change Ahead

There are more twists and turns than a neurotic pretzel in the last couple of episodes of Love Island!  OMG WTF? 

We have had Megan stealing Wes from Laura and all the drama attached.  Without doubt Laura has come out of this horrible situation much better, whereas Wes has gone from 'hero to zero' and let’s not even mention mechanical Meg!(did you see her boatrace when she was lined up with Zara & Ellie?)

Eyal and Zara were dumped after lots of discussions and impressions of Mavis Reilly from Coronation Street & their "I dont really know's"(google it if your too young to remember!).  The ‘safe’ islanders all got stressed out - having to think was demanding!

It was deemed although Zara had made contact with Adam, she had made little effort with the other male housemates in even talking to them so this was the final rationale behind their decision-making.(of course Wes had his own agenda to who should stay!)

The choice of Eyal was made via the remaining girls given the options on the premise that he was the least of the three to be missed and let’s face the camera and action had hit this boy early doors when he was cocky and confident enough not to give a toss about anyone else’s feelings – correction only Alex’s feelings! 

'What goes around comes around Eyal!'

Before having a cheeky saliva swap with Ellie, he suddenly didn’t appear so confident – one hand in a pocket – the ultimate comfort zone, the other utilised to make sweeping statements that came from the hand and not the heart – and as for the shirt – really!  On that alone he should have been voted out!

Zara in her batwing dramatic dress where she appeared half Zara/half super woman and I half expected her to utilise the Love Island Garden and use it as a runaway to make her exit was devastated! 

She announced boldly that she had found ‘true love’ with Adam during her experience on the island, whilst with suitcase in one hand and Eyal spoiling the shot in the other with his crazy shirt that one hopes is designer otherwise what is the point of this wardrobe faux par Mr Curly Wurly?

Then just when we think we are taking a breather and have time to pop the kettle on from all the drama - blow me down, tickle me with a feather and call me Doreen, a text comes through exclusively for the boys divulging top secret information that they must all awake early doors to leave the villa for a boy trip – Alex bless him really thought that this may be an opportunity for a jet ski or even to go fishing? 

The only fishing you will do Dr A is with the new girls in your new swanky pulling pad!

'The Flack' looking as though her make up had been done by a morgue technician arrived at the Villa to talk to the girls.  Bless Georgia, who welcomed her enthusiastically telling her she looked nice! 

CF’s outfit was made up of an all in one short jump suit covered in palm trees, so maybe she was trying to blend in with the surroundings, but her white extremely high tarts trotters were a give-away! (Health & Safety Alert -tissues required nose bleed about to happen or fatal incident from slipping on wet floor!)

6 brand new shiny boys entered the villa and it wasn’t long before they all brazenly and quietly rudely stated which girls were in their top three.

The word ‘Megan’ left each and every one of their lips, which lets face it is no surprise as most men are naturally lazy and she has already demonstrated the pathway to her pants is an uncomplicated route– just follow the cleavage and turn right.

A switch had been flicked on mechanical Megs face which confirmed that it won’t take long for her to stray – Poor old Wes – Not!

Megan with her false veneered smile and deadpan eyes was delighted to once again be the centre of attention, which must be such a complete ball ache for someone so shy!

Laura understandably couldn’t contain her excitement with Ellie both official single girls in the villa and at first glance she picked out Jack as a potential suitor.  Come on Laura, we are rooting for you that a happy ending is on the cards even though WTF were you thinking having sex with Wes – I know life is short by whoa girlfriend – ever heard of keeping something back for later?

Wes too away from Megan’s cleavage and constant demands to be kissed is openly saying that he is 'open' – it didn’t long for their day in paradise to be over!

Georgia bless her heart was the only one so far when having a one to one with one of the new handsome hunks to dampen any flames of interest quickly by confirming she was happy with Josh. 

But will Josh be so loyal?  Maybe somewhere deep in his heart which doesn’t appear to be fully computing with his head and actions.  Unfortunately, early signs are he is being driven by what is in his pants and we all know that deep down a man’s moral compass is dick driven so let’s watch this space!

Alex looks as though all his Christmases have come at once and even though Dr No Love may get some love, he remains the bookies favourite to be the most consistent failure throughout this process – good job your hourly rate at the hospital is pretty decent Alex as you are gonna need it!

Adam without his Eve was seen to be moping, upset and even talking about leaving at one stage!

Steady on tiger – 6 new girls and you know how much you like brunettes!

Wye aye pet - Its a miracle - praise the lord he has been cured! 

And as for Jack - apart from a girl from his past arriving in a red bikini and wedges and an accent that could grate cheese - dont think he is going to be tempted!

Danni being the caring girlfriend; on hearing about his depature packed his suitcase ensuring some essentials were packed to show her affections, keep him loyal and on his toes.  Croissants and a thong - two old faithfuls that never fail to keep a mans heart!