You may want to start running Josh!


Loyalty, in general use, is a devotion and faithfulness to a nation, cause, philosophy, country, group, or person.

A savage is some who does not care about the consequences of his or her actions. 

Both were demonstrated by Georgia and Josh who up until recently appeared to be rising above playing the game in its truest and most raw form that the producers of this programme have yearned for to up the viewings and keep the nation talking.

Every now and then its good to recap and what a bitter sweet or sweet bitter experience Love Island was last night. 

Karma the biggest bitch anyone can meet had already been knocking on Wes’s door and shouting through his letterbox.  Alas Wes’s ears must have been still blocked from his period of deafness from any reasoning with the whole Laura and Meg sleazy scenario as he clearly didn’t comprehend that he was next on Karmas list highlighting that people who create their own drama deserve Karma and all that she brings!

Wes who soon after arriving at Casa Amore announced before even unpacking his suitcase that he was open to meeting someone else.  Yet interestingly during the break away his mindset changed and ‘Meg’ became a frequently used word in his vocabulary letting his guard down whilst still remaining quietly confident that his much referred to trouser/short/swimming trunk snake would ensure Meg to be sticking around!  How wrong could he be?  It just shows that snake & dick go hand in hand with Wes!

He chose to stay not stray and remain single placing his faith in Meg who is about as reliable as a cheesecloth condom!

Come on down Wes first and last of the boys to reappear from Casa Amore on his ownsome. 

Oops sorry I forgot Jack, although the major difference between Jack & Danni and Wes and Megan is one word ‘genuine’.  Meg and Wes were about as genuine as Fishface herself and all her bits and tits constantly on display!  - hell she must go thru some lippy!

Adam chose Darylle.  Alex chose Gracie.  Sam chose Ellie and Josh chose Kazimir – more about that later… Back to Wes ….

You just couldn’t help but feel his comeuppance had come as the cocky stuffing was knocked out of him like a low blow as his attention focussed on Meg with another man (the same gal he pied Laura off to be with!). 

Poor old Wes – he actually looked quite ashen faced at what sat before him.  Megan placed her hands over her face dramatically; probably to hide how much she didn’t give a hoot - it was a romance that never actually took off and only ever really boosted his Ego and helped her to get permanently away from tree hugging, dream catching Eyal. 

The girls in the main too strayed and didn’t stay; Megan chose Alex, Laura chose Jack, Samira chose Frankie, Ellie chose Charlie.  It was only Danni and Georgia that remained loyal during this testing time and for Georgia the biggest question she will now be asking is WHY?

G and Josh – or Gosh and J! 

Now if I remember correctly and this is coming from a woman who suffers from terrible short-term memory didn’t Josh mentioned something about having to open 50 doors to get to someone else before even beginning to contemplate looking, thinking or being with someone else other than Georgia affectionately known to all in the villa as ‘G’.

Either maths is not his strong point, he has an aversion for doors, perhaps gets confused with the 'push' or 'pull' instructions or he is just a little liar!  The latter has been proven, as it wasn’t long after the new girls swaggered up the driveway to Casa Amore in very little clothing that his attention was gained and then swayed by Kazimir and it wasn’t much longer before he was moving much like one of those red plastic fortune fish on his shared bed – ummm let’s see …which one is he?

  • If you see just a moving head, it means jealousy.
  • A moving tail is a sure sign of indifference.
  • If you see a moving head and a moving tail, then… wait for it… you’re in love.
  • If the sides of the fish curl, then you’re fickle.
  • If the fish turns completely over, you are a false personality.
  • You don’t want to see a motionless fish because then you’d be dead.
  • If the fish curls up completely, it’s in response to the passionate side of your personality.

So WHATS the verdict in love or in lust and in luck or is he just as cold and slippery as the fish itself?

It's official Josh has come up the fast lane and managed to overtake both Wes and Adam pipping them to the post in becoming the villa’s next and probably most conceited and callous villain after walking back into the main house with his new couple partner Kazimir.

The man is one savage cabbage!

In one of the most tense ,even cushion hiding moments so far resulting in Georgia being left in absolute shock after choosing to remain with Josh only for him to ditch her so publically and brutally for someone else.

It was like watching a car crash happening in slow motion and not only did we, the viewer know what was about to happen but all those boys returning from Casa Amore knew too and didn’t their uncomfortable faces endorse what was about to take place.  The tension and all their pained and embarrassed expressions should have been enough for G to realise all was not well and shout ’I’ve changed my mind, I chose Jordan’.

But it was too late and it took Josh to smugly parade his new girl in front of her for her to fully appreciate what was happening and 20-year-old Georgia looked as though she was about to pass out or vomit from the shock, or perhaps even do both!  What made it even worse was that her turn was saved until last.

To add insult to injury without an ounce of compassion unfiltered Josh then stood there and told the villa how sensational Kaz was having really blown him away!  It was one of those tumbleweed moments where from the look on G’s face was clear the only thing she wanted blown away was Josh preferably to another island far far away as possible!  Is the guy for real?  You just wanted to pinch him - correction punch him!  His unorthodox approach took everyone’s breath away even ‘The Flack’s and this is a woman who has been around the block a bit and without doubt has been on the receiving end of some shitty break up speech!'

Composed angry and upset Georgia announced to Josh that she had stood by him. 

Beginning to look shifty not able to use his roving eyes to look properly at her or the pain he had caused, instead he shuffled around trying to justify his actions saying that he went with his gut at the end of the day.  Have you noticed that anyone connected with sport bangs on about the end of the day!  I hear Nexim is very good for this sort of thing and how much longer will Kazimir look up to this small man before she finally moves on? 

The pain was real and what made it worse was that Georgia Steel and Josh Denzel have been seen and counted themselves amongst the more solid couplings as they managed to stay together while all those around them began to fall apart.

There did not appear to be any cracks up to the boys leaving and the only crack that has appeared since is Josh the human arsehole!

But this is Love Island and it’s all about temptation and what is now seen to be acceptable in terms of how people treat each other whilst having relationships. 

Wes’s remark about Josh never liking Georgia as much as he made out was very telling along with him influencing Josh to break free like he did to reap the rewards and feel better!

Don’t worry Josh Karmas nearly done with Wes and then she will be on her way and Im sure she will have something that will make you feel the way you made Georgia feel!

Keep Watching!