Gravitating in the wrong direction!


OUT OUT OUT we shout – or do we?  The public have voted – have they?  The 3 couples who have received the least votes might be leaving the island tonight – Really? 

And then there was the injection of mischief added to the whole shocking scenario - The singletons Wes and Georgia got to pick a potential partner from the 3 couples that had been made to stand in front of the whole group.

Wes and Georgia got to move away to discuss their options and thrash it out to whom they were going to keep.  Georgia warned Wes about Meg  - "I dont think shes loyal babe!"  Save your breath G the boys ears are blocked!

However, the decision for Wes was not a difficult one as before him stood a distressed fishface and the girl whom he got, then lost, only to recently gain a surprise reassurance from her repetitive speech of 'I still fancy you and still find myself gravitating towards you'.

I don’t know why I expected the girl to be more articulate after all 'gravitating' must have taken some practising so go girl if you don’t use it you lose it!

The couples placed in the spotlight of drama and tension looking helpless looked on, all displaying a variety of pained expressions in the hope to be thrown a lifebelt and saved to continue their Island experience.  The odds werent looking good as only two would survive.

However, you get the feeling that the decisions made within this programme are premeditated, everything is pre-planned and certaintly do not happen accidentally. 

They are made under the cover of the public has voted, the public wants, the public says, and the reality is a room full of bright young things as part of the production team, coffee on tap, kale smoothies and endless cigarette break to decide who goes next and what impact it will have on a) the remaining islanders and b) the viewing public.

There was Adam and Darylle, whom one can only assume were placed into that position from Adams little conversation about cooling off and reflecting that Zara had and still did mean something.  Perhaps now is the right time for him to pack up his troubles in his old kit bag! Being reunited with Zara creates another sub story from the Island – keeping the interest going on another level.

As for Darylle she no doubt was placed in the mix as Wes had asked her on a date, so place her in the proceedings against Meg which provided a much more interesting situation; even gripping to whom Wes would finally chose when push came to shove.

Would he predictably choose Meg, or would he utilise this moment to dish out some revenge for her to taste given on his return from Casa Amore only to be made to look like a complete mug with Meg having chosen Alex in preference of him?

From the off Darylle whose tattoos make her more memorable than the person, by choosing Adam it was fair to say that she had a limited shelf life!  She may get an initial wave of publicity when she leaves, but alas it won’t be very long before that becomes a trickle and in its place will be many conversations starting with 'Weren’t you the girl from love island?'as she shapes, trims and tidys peoples eyebrows.

Adam looked extremely uncomfortable and it was as if his ego had been zapped and in front of our very eyes he shrank in posture slumping, shoulders down instead of his normal showy offy stance. What had happened to the cocky stud muffin Geordie whose bad boy antics got him many love island headlines?  Had he really got that distracted by Zara that he finally ran out of steamy steam?

Next in line was Sam Bird, who has never been able to match the promise within his introductory blurb.  First coupled with Samira, a union where they both seemed to concentrate on what an absolute hoot the other was, in the hope that they would be seen as a 'couple' and not be laughing on the other side of their faces and be sent packing. 

Then Casa Amore brought him new love options and one in particular in the form of 'Ellie' - Jacks 'blast from the past'who offered little in the way of deep meaningful conversation and needed to be reminded what sausages were made from - riveting!

And then he had a date with G and that is why Sam was standing with perhaps a little staining in his Calvin Klein’s to what the future held for him!

 And finally, Meg and Alex.  

Alex knew the drill; the writing was on the wall and as soon as it was announced Wes had the power to choose a girl to remain it was a no brainer that Meg would soon be heading in his direction.  The Essex dream was over!

Alex easy on the eye, sexy spectacle man was going. 

But I don’t think he will be throwing his belongings into his case with a heavy heart – as a structural glazier ('double glazing evolved' fitter) at 28 he knew what was coming and didn’t miss a trick observing Megs every move and clocking her disappearing acts with Wes.  His eyes have been the windows to his soul, which you get the feeling he already concluded that Meg was a faulty fitting that could never be fixed.

Thus leaving Meg and frankly if only Meg would leave – but no fear there – there is still lots of airtime for her – Will it be a happy ending for her and Wes?

Was that a pig that just flew by?


Keep watching….