Love can be strange!  Enter the Doctor! - Doctor Strangelove himself – Who? No, not Doctor Who and not Doctor No, its awkward Alex who last night decided it would be a great time to confess to Alexandra after their last date that he just wasn’t really that into her!

“You have wasted my time and your time – shame on you!” Alexandra tells him before storming off to become the latest victim of the latest drama to bestow the villa.

Upset, disappointed and no doubt feeling a tad embarrassed that she hadn’t followed her gut after constantly questioning how emotionless Alex was and if he really liked her?

Alexandra didn’t let Alex off the hook lightly!

Accusations flew about his lack of feelings backed up by the lie detector tests results which had either filled our screens with a big fat red lie or an even more dubious undetected statement implying the guy clearly wasn’t sure about an awful lot where it came to matters of the heart.

As much as it has been in some respects a joy to watch Alex grow as an individual in terms of his level of confidence and even become one of the boys making friendships with people he probably wouldn’t come into contact with in real life – or perhaps only in the capacity as patient/doctor whilst on a fleeting visit to A&E, Alex has got to have a serious word with himself without using the word ‘like’, a very unflattering habit he has adopted!

Never have I witnessed such an emotional frigid individual – my diagnosis and I’m no Doctor is he is emotionally constipated and needs to prescribe himself something quickly to allow himself to let go enough to let someone in!

Didn’t Alex read the Love Island brief or was he too exhausted from the hours spent in A&E and just needed an all-inclusive break in the sun?

Love Island is the perfect place to jump into the deep end and then leisurely swim back to the safety of the shallow end and during this process you either sink or swim.  Alex begun this journey the wrong end of the pool!

What is this man actually looking for?  He mentions the natural no make-up tending to be blonde girl on paper as being his type, but the reality of the girl in the flesh for him has been a mixed bag and bunch.  Lets face it the reality of the situation is; it was only Alexandra that genuinely showed an interest and seemed to want to get to know Alex; warts and all despite all of his disastrous happenings and many rejections before she arrived in the villa!

On the one hand you can understand Alex’s reluctance to speed things up and run before you can walk, but on the other hand you feel just like Alexandra that Alex hasn’t played the game; he hasn’t got into the part or let himself go enough to enjoy the experience for what it is or what it could be.  Instead he has held back and turned his back often making Alexandra feel starved of any affection that we all know if you did fancy someone then you would want to kiss and cuddle them all the time!

The hideaway was very telling as he looked more scared to be in the company of someone who was wearing the outfit of a potential superhero than dripping with any desire and lust!

On their last date it has to be noted to be fair Alex did fall in love, but only with the car – a Ferrari that when at the wheel he forgot to hold in some of his tenseness, as his words of caution ‘slow and steady win the race’ was far too telling – its not a race Alex, but to you in your head it is – its just a competition – you never really came in to fall in lust or love – because you can’t – you are emotionally void of being able to!  I only sit and watch and think of Harry Potter being locked in a cupboard under the stairs – were you that boy Alex?

And so their Love Island journey is all but over and you will be remembered for being the one that broke Alexandra’s faith, not her heart, but her belief that when someone says they are being honest, they are.  However, all she knows now which she probably did all the time was never believe everything your told  and that even a Doctor can lie to your face!

Is there a Doctor in the house?  As I think an appointment is definitely needed for one red faced young man who needs an overdue dose of love!