And so, to the lie detector test, a very watchable part of the Love Island process as we all settled on our sofas to see who is really genuine in what they felt about their partners they had been thrown together with in this sunny social experiment!

The girls got to write the all-important questions that were causing their bootyiful buttocks to twitch uncomfortably over!

And then let the fun begin; boy strapped into the chair of truth whilst a girl not related to them asked the questions wearing a white coat and glasses as though to appear both associated with something medical and serious!

So how did the boys fair?  And what revelations would be exposed?

Old Jack seemed to be the one where a barrage of questions were asked in comparison to some of the other boys who seemed to get off lightly with just a few.

Did he love Dani?  Yes – he was telling the truth!  Did he see a future for them?   Yes, he was telling the truth!  Did he want a family with Dani?  Yes, he was telling the truth?  Would his head be turned by other girls outside of the villa?  Yes, he was telling the truth – oops, no sorry he was lying!

This was the one question that Dani was hoping he would get right having been cheated on and lied to in previous relationships and desperately wanting this factor to be cleared up!

She took the results bad which also resulted in a bit of a ding dong later on!

Wes was doing very well until he was asked would Megan make good wife material?  Uh Oh Computer says No!

What was she thinking of?  If she was honest to herself why would she even ask the question, as conventionally someone who gets their tits out for the boys and flashes her Venus portal for cash is not usually that person a boy feels the need to rush home and introduce to his folks!

For Josh admitting he was sweating before Megan asked him Kaz’s questions didn’t bode well! 

Got something to hide Romeo – whose romance and underlying love for Kaz just brings that false cheesy grin to his face whenever he chooses to share that gem of information with the public? Which is a bit too often for my cynical self!

Will you stay loyal to Kaz on the outside? Josh’s face says it all followed by the loud buzzer as the room flashes red. 

He has royally screwed up, which for a lad reported to have told a girl he was seeing that he was just popping over to Russia to watch the football rather than be honest and admit he had applied to Love Island and was going to look for someone new – what did we really expect?

New Jack appeared equally uncomfortable after it was revealed that his former partner old Laura would be asking the questions on behalf of his current partner new Laura.

Asked whether he thought new Laura was a better kisser than old Laura, he said Yes.  The test found he was telling the truth.

He was also found to be truthful about ‘that kiss’ he had shared with Georgia during a date while still with old Laura which everyone left in the Villa acknowledging this and bringing G’s loyalty rant to an end for once and for all!

New Jack was asked if he thought other girls in the villa were more attractive than his current partner and replied ‘no’.  Liar! 

New Laura was seen crying after the event – never a good look!

Then for the Dr’s turn who was read his questions by Dani as a particularly symbolic music track was played over the top of the scenes.

A little cruel – maybe even a little heavy-handed – but the song 'Lying to Yourself' by Lily Moore could be heard in the background during his lie detector test.

He admitted he thought he could be more compatible with another person outside the villa than with Alexandra and was ruled to be lying when he denied that he would have coupled up with new Laura instead of her if previously given the opportunity.

Make-up artist Alexandra was left in tears after the doctor appeared to be lying when quizzed about if he wanted his parents to meet her and if he felt her feelings for him were real.

He said yes but the lie detector said he was lying.  He remained looking shifty whilst using the word honest! Ummm…..

Speaking in the Beach Hut later, Alexandra was seen saying ‘I think you just always want the person you like to like you back in the same way. I just know that I really like Alex.’  Ummm……

Paul too was left squirming in the hot seat when asked if he would be loyal to old Laura on the outside and if he found others more attractive than her.  After he failed few of them, Laura too was upset admitting that for her it has just been a recurring cycle of crap although stating she was still hopeful about Paul.  The 50k is still in reach bonnie lass don’t give up now!

And so we conclude sometimes we say the things people or circumstance want to hear rather than be honest – as a nation we are very bad at telling the truth -however most of the time its not to hurt others feelings so is it that bad really?

Dani and Jack went on to have a right royal row, their first major disagreement where after sleeping on it peace and love was restored.  But did Jack have a valid point when he said you are treating this and acting as though something has happened and nothing has! 

Lets hope outside the Villa Dani can cope better otherwise their time in paradise will quickly turn into hell!