Every now and then, there are bubbles in the think tank; everyone has brain farts or suffers from those mental hiccups where something incredibly stupid just leaves your lips and makes its way into the open for public consumption!

But having watched Love Island it has to be said that its contestants for 2018 have taken this cranial-rectal inversion to a brand-new level and one in particular.

Maybe I'm being a little bit harsh, but...probably not it’s just I'm allergic to stupid!

Can anyone be as ditzy as Hayley and her pinch me now howlers which to date have probably been the most memorable leaving the nation shaking their heads.

Allegedly she is really intelligent so maybe she was just having a stupidity-gasm;the moment when a normally intelligent person has a moment of intense stupidity - or maybe not …. you decide!

'Love Island' viewers couldn’t quite believe what they were hearing during her two-week appearance in the villa when Hayley first revealed she didn’t know what an earlobe was.

The 21-year-old model from Liverpool raised eyebrows when she was dared to lick fellow Islander Adam’s ear.  This sparked some confusion for her and she asked the rest of the group: What’s an earlobe?”

Although the word ‘ear’ is a massive giveaway, Hayley still couldn’t fathom what this mystical ‘earlobe’ was which is worrying for someone who wears earrings??? Visions of her stuffing them up her nose beofe she managed to reach the right destination instantly sprang to mind!

Seriously someone needs to have a word in her shell like before she makes a complete tit out of herself!

When she was partnered up with Eyal her attempts to pronounce his name quickly became one of the internet’s favourite things.  Eventually, Hayley forgot her temporary villa boyfriend’s name altogether, despite having plenty of practice at it even after he repeated it several times.

Hayley was also confused about spirituality as Eyal attempted to get all peace, love, rainbows and unicorns during the ‘get to know each other’ phase.

Talking about his spiritual beliefs, all Hayley had to say was does that mean that you can see ghosts?

To top it all she asked, "What's an aura?" and her aura of negativity shone through showing once again their lack of compatibility.

Just when you thought Hayley being completely superficial couldn’t get any worse, she asked what ‘superficial’ actually meant.

When Eyal was explaining why he picked Hayley to couple up with he described his ideal woman as someone with "a bit of depth who isn't too superficial".  She replied: "What does superficial mean?"

Once again demonstrating she is not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed was when she shared her particularly expert grasp and geographical knowledge about where she lived and her thoughts on places in the UK; stating that Essex is a Continent, Liverpool is a country and Spain is in the U.K.

She asked. "If you go on a plane and go to another place, that's still the United Kingdom? So, Spain?"

And then the blonde girl whose moment is longer than a reticulated python, when told Spain was in Europe, she replied: "But it's still in the United Kingdom?"  As if that didn’t just take the biscuit but consume the whole fecking packet she then announces “When you go on a plane and go to another place, that’s still in the United Kingdom?”  Hells bells and cockle shells someone stop her!

And the facial contortions of disbelief continued ……

All I need to say is Brexit.

I appreciate that Brexit is more complicated than a Rubik’s cube blindfolded and most of the nation have been left dumbfounded by everything but not only had she no idea what Brexit was, she thought that leaving the E.U meant that we would no longer have any trees in the U.K?

However there was a conspiracy theory that Hayley’s stupidity was faked when it was revealed that she got 3 Bs in her  A-Levels


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