5th August National Underwear Day


Theres nothing better or more satisfying than owning a fresh brand spanking new pair of knickers!

But how many of us will admit to putting this item of underwear on the bottom of our shopping lists rather than on our own bottoms as regularly as we should? 

Many will relate to that weird and often embarrassing assortment of ageing bloomers residing in our knicker drawers – some are nearly as old as we are; some hold fond memories; some are especially designated for that time of the month and finally there is that  odd and small collection of those bought on a whim and a fancy to spice up things in the bedroom or come to think or it any room in the house consisting of very little material. The reality of these particular bum flossing experiences that nearly cut you in half and chaff in intimate areas make you reach for your Bridget Jones! - Thongs for the memories!

Let’s face it no one wants a weekday wedgie with your pants stuck in your crack all day or a pair of knickers that potentially could be a bacteria buffet being just too close to both orifices where bacteria can easily ping- pong between the two!  So, choosing your beautiful bloomers needs knowledge and testing out what suits and when.

A one knot Brazilian, French Knickers, Rio brief, G-string, Vkini, Tanga, Caged Bikini, Butt Lifters, Bridget Jones’s, Granny Panties, those that suck you in or let it all hang out.

There are so many different types of panties to choose from which also means that there is a perfect knicker style out there for everyone!

But choosing your favourite can be hard work and sometimes you just wish there was a one fits all!

Underwear is that part of our lives so ubiquitous that it often goes unnoticed.

But don't let another precious moment pass you by in where you remain  unclear about what’s out there and what’s right for you!  (Unless of course you don’t wear any and if this is the case, maybe you should be! - commando style is never a good thing and especially as one matures and ones bladder weakens!)

Now is the right time with National Underwear Day happening on August 5th for you to explore the extremely wide yet sometimes very, very thin world of panties!

So, don’t get your knickers in a twist or your pants in a knot!   Keep your panty hose on and let’s go on this unmentionables journey together and explore the most common styles;

Boy Shorts

A short is a tight fitted brief with short legs.  Inspired from men’s briefs, they take on a more rectangular shape than most panties.

This style is available in a low fit and a “cheeky” fit (which reveals a tiny bit of your buttocks).  Almost like the hipster, the key difference is that they have a lower-cut leg. In fact, some styles' legs extend a short way down the thigh.

When to Wear

These have no visible panty lines, so you can use them under tight fitted clothes. They can be worn under skater skirts or as loungewear or swimwear.

Due to its fit this type of knicker is very comfortable to wear and is often worn to sleep in.


Commonly identified by the colloquial term "granny panties," this undergarment provides full coverage and a high waistband. 

The high waist brief has an elastic waistband which helps in tummy compression and smoothening.  A great pair of drawers to look slimmer whilst on the go.   They also provides rear coverage and are a complete must have for all those figure concerned fashionistas out there.

Not the most attractive style of underwear, but certainly the most comfortable.

When to wear

Unfortunately, the up-to-the-navel waist makes these visible in low-rise jeans and trousers, so limit them to your high-waisted trousers or for that time of the month where comfort is cried out for!

Rio Briefs

This is basically your regular panties as above but in a lower model around the waist sitting below the hips and still covering all the rear.


The front of a Brazilian is similar to the Rio brief; however, the back provides less coverage than regular briefs as its high-cut, so it shows more of your buttocks.

By making the Brazilian a sexier version of the Rio, due to the high-cut it also makes your legs seem longer!   It is also available in a shorts model.

They are perfect if you want to show off without actually showing too much! They are seductive, yet elegant and comfortable.  The back-side cuts from the cheeks of the butt rather than sitting under it and meets the waist band across the hipline.

When to Wear

Beachwear, Swimwear

3 different types of Brazilian Brief

1.                  Regular Brazilian Cut 

2.                 One Side Knot Brazilian  

3.                 Two side Knot Brazilian  

Spanx/Control Briefs/Control Thongs/Control Freaks

These are your usual briefs but have a noticeably large elastic tummy line and can cover almost up to your navel. These are designed to make you sit up straighter. But watch out for the ones with waistbands that start at your ribcage - as they will gradually roll down to your waist and before you know it, you've got your very own gastric band! 

Your bottom half will slowly start bloating where you're so tightly wrapped that there's nowhere for the gas to go!  So, it stays down there, moving around and making loud, embarrassing noises for everyone else to hear.

Trapped wind must be a serious consideration and never underestimate the power of the pants!

The other thing to be look out for is the boning through the waist. One false move and you could be subject to, if not a lung puncture, at least some uncomfortable prodding of the under-boob region.

Remember with these little belly huggers you're not going to be able to eat a four-course meal without seriously unpleasant results, so lots to think about as always when trying to look fabulous!

When to Wear

Post pregnancy, Bodycon dresses and skirts or when experiencing a ‘fat’ day.

French-Cut Knickers – Oh la la!

Often referred to as high-cut knickers, these gained a resurgence in the 1980s, thanks to Jane Fonda's exercise videos (who? – google her – yes, she looks a bit plastic but is still going strong!).

They have the same high waist as the classic brief but feature high-cut leg holes that rise just above the widest part of the thigh, which is often better for circulation.

Often referred to as a sexy loose-fitting knicker and usually in silk or satin –they are comfortable and glamorous – a truly luxurious piece of lingerie.

They come in a wide range of styles – frilly Burlesque, sheer retro vintage or classic traditional patterns and are popular as special occasion wear.

Tap Pants

Much like French Knickers, tap pants are much like shorts with high waist covering the back and the pelvic area.

They are shorter than the usual pants and usually come in silk and lace silhouettes.

When to Wear

Shake your thing as dance shorts, bit of shut eye Nightwear, or lounge around as Leisure wear

Seamless Panties  

No other panties can beat the comfort of a seamless panty.

Just as the name implies, these panties don’t have any visible seams with no stitches on them. Hence, they make a perfect choice for everyday dresses, as well as for any type of tight clothing such as leggings.

When to Wear

You can wear them with daily wear including pants, sheer dresses, leggings or trousers.


Not meant to be worn by hipsters alone, this style — also called hip huggers — got its name because the waistband sits on the hips, a full two/three inches below the waist. They also feature low-cut leg holes. They still provide a lot of coverage and are super comfy.

When to Wear

With low waist jeans and skirts


The front and back of the string bikini look like triangles.

A made in heaven match for sunbathing, getting full marks in the comfort platform, the string bikini provides minimal coverage with triangular shaped pieces which are connected at the groin.

When to Wear

Because they provide little coverage, they are less visible underneath clothes and thus can be worn under most anything.

Caged Bikini

This mesh knit thong having strappy sides can be a head turner while you stroll down the beach but you do need to consider the overall package and get the right size for comfort!


These bikini style panties with stretchable lace provides full back coverage and is best worn under dresses and skirts. Having a V dip both at frontal and rear ends the Vkini ensures a highly comfortable fit.


Moderate coverage European panty silhouettes that have a greater back coverage than a thong but are narrower than a bikini.

When to Wear

Beachwear, Swimwear, Loungewear


This is the style most often sought when needing an undergarment for formfitting clothing, like tight skirts or dresses, because it provides no coverage on the bum — and thus no panty lines.

Like the bikini, it sits three inches below the waist. Often, the sides are meant to rest right at or above the hip bone.

A thong is a t-shaped panty with a thin strip of fabric on the back which sits between your buttocks.

A thong has different designs such as a low cut, G-string, high cut and the regular fit.

This erotic style sits almost three inches below the waist and provides minimal butt coverage with a triangular patch at the front.

The sides of the underwear rest almost on the hip bone. Peekaboo/Crotchless styles in Thong can add more glamour if anyone would like to try for honeymoon.

When to Wear

Bodycon dress or skirts to avoid panty lines

G-String (G = Groin)

There's little to the G-string panty but don’t be mistaken as a G-String is actually quite differeny from a thong; a thong has a thicker band and a crotch. This can be uncomfortable and chafing to many. The thicker band can also rub with normal daily movement and be quite painful at the end of the day.

A G-string is a large triangle in front attached to a small triangle or other strings in the back by a very thin string of fabric. This line of fabric rests snugly yet comfortably along the perineal up the rear.

It is actually not even noticeable if you are wearing the right size which is the most important factor when purchasing and wearing this skimpy snatch catcher! The sides are also made of extremely thin bands that should be snug, yet not leave marks around the hips or waist.

A G-sting has no crotch at all unlike its cousin the thong. So as one can see there is quite a difference between what a thong and a G-string is.

The best thing about G-strings other than their invisibility under your cloths is that they are so comfortable they are almost like an addiction for women. You feel as if you don't even have panties on and have a wide variety to choose from. There are V-backs, T-backs, and some that have a little triangle in the back. They can be worn with pants and skirts with the lowest of waistlines and you won't have to worry about them showing.

When to Wear

Sunbathing or a beach wear

C String

Does this fit under our 'emerging technology' tagline? It's hard to say. It's certainly emerging from somewhere. Ladies, if you find a G-string too restrictive, or you're fond of wearing paper-thin dresses and waging an eternal war against the visible panty line, you now have the option of wearing the C String.

It’s the front of a thong-style pair of pants connected to a wire that tucks between the wearer’s bum cheeks and looks like someone just found another use for a headband.

While there's no 'string' actually involved, onlookers can certainly 'C' just about everything, including an awkward rear aspect that looks something like a pencil clenched between the wearer's buttocks.

It is the new age swimwear and has been the new age bkini from some time.

Very famous with the beaches, C-String style actually has no strings and covers just the bare minimum like a clamp around your area.

When to Wear

can be worn as lingerie OR swimwear, and that in addition to eliminating visible panty lines, it also helps you dodge tan lines. One thing's for sure, it's for confident ladies only.

Butt Lifter

Lift up your spirits and your bottom line with the Butt Lifter panties which promise a firm and round shape with continuous use.

The waistband is made of an elastic material which helps in body slimming and contouring.

Designed with buttock cut-outs, it perks up butt muscles and imparts the right volume to the right place.

Open Crotch

Flirty or dirty and certainly not designed for those with a weak bladder an open crotch panty is not for everyone and its practically to wear outside the house is questionable!

But if purchased for some steamy bedroom action, this scintillating thong will certainly allow your nether regions breathe!


The Knicker Hat

As knickers are versatile and can also be worn on one's head!