A truly mum-mentous occasion!

It’s time to celebrate - Its annual

Never been the need for a life manual – Thank you Mum

Nothing will ever vex her she is better than Alexa

Like Google she is never frugal, just there with an abundance of advice

Even when life is not very nice

She is the human lie detector

Protector, family director, superhero, friend, there is no end

To her talents

She has an ability to hear the smallest of noises

With eyes in the back of her head

Nothing gets past her, she is too fast, her sensory skills too vast

Crisper, she is the children, teenage, husband whisperer  

There to listen and remain, a regular safety net

And yet…..

Sometimes we forget, take her for granted

She is the woman stripped of money, energy and youth

But the truth?

She wouldn’t have it any other way!


Happy Mother’s Day – You are, have been and always will be my definition of amazing!