Halloween is meant to be a fun time for everyone including your dog!

As long as your dog is happy about being dressed up then there is no harm in dressing up your dog as long as they don’t  mind participating.  However, if you put your dog in an outfit and their tail goes between their legs and they look fearful, then clearly they are not enjoying it!


How do you know for sure if your dog is stressed out and not happy to be in a costume?

Here’s some easy-to-spot warning signs…

Tail Between Legs

Is a definite sign that your dog is unhappy & stressed out.


Heavy panting is a sign of anxiety & feeling stressed. If your dog is panting and it’s not hot weather and it’s not from your dog running around then think twice about if they are relaxed.

Biting or Snapping

Even the friendliest, most well-behaved dog can quickly go from gentle and sweet to biting and snapping if feeling uncomfortable & stressed out.

Being Unable to Move

Most dogs aren’t used to wearing clothes, which means a full body outfit can make them feel as if they are paralysed. If your dog refuses to move while in a costume, he is stressed out.

Chewing Costume/Rubbing on the Floor

Trying to take off a costume by chewing on it or running it off is a definite sign that your dog is not happy.


Whining and whimpering is a dog’s equivalent to crying. If your dog is crying only while in a costume, then clearly he is upset or distressed.


If you dog shows ANY of the signs above, remove the outfit immediately.