January makes me think of a new year, new start, setting new goals and bad weather, cold weather, freezing weather, gloves, scarf, de-icer and cold noses!


It is fact that daytime temperatures in January make it the coldest month of the year in the UK. 

However, it turns out though, there’s a whole lot more to January!

DID YOU KNOW?..........

Well paint me green and call me a cucumber! - Did you know that 1st January is both the furthest away and closest day to 31st December?

Well bow my legs and call me Bambi! - The Anglo-Saxons called January “Wulfmonath” as it was the month hungry wolves came scavenging at people’s doors.


Well dip me in fat and call me a chip! - The Romans named it January after Janus, the God of gateways.  Janus had two heads so he could look in both directions, back at the old year and forward towards the new year, at the same time.


Well slap me with a platypus and call me Jemima! - The only Shakespeare plays that mention January are Much Ado About Nothing and Winter’s Tale.

Well love me tender and call me Elvis! - The first recorded reference to a “January sale” in the UK was in 1865.

Well paint me purple and call me Barney! - There is a variety of cold-tolerant winter cabbage grown in England known as January King.

Well rub my belly and call me Buddha! - More couples separate or divorce in January than in any other month.

Well wet my feet and call me ducky!  The birthstone for January is the garnet; the flowers are the carnation and snowdrops. The Chinese floral emblem of January is the plum blossom.

Well buy me slippers and call me Dorothy! - In Finnish, the month is called tammikuu, meaning month of the oak, but the original meaning was the month of the heart of winter, as tammi has initially meant axis or core. In Czech this month is called leden, meaning ice month In Ukrainian it is січень meaning cutting or slicing perhaps referring to the wind.

Well slap my wrist and call me Ginger! - January in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to July in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa.

Well slap my forehead and call me forgetful! - According to Facebook users, January is "Change Your Profile Picture To A Muppet" Month

Well cover me in syrup and call me pancake! - Leap years exempted, January always begins on the same day as October.   In leap years, January always begins on the same day as April and July.

Well put me in the freezer and call me ice cube!  In the horoscope, the month of January shares two Zodiac signs: Capricorn, which lasts from December 22 to January 19, and Aquarius, which lasts through the end of the month and until February 18.

January the coolest month of the year – Enjoy!