We can be an unfriendly lot on the whole! So becoming more socialable and expanding our social circles has got to be a must!  It is a fact that having friends is good your health, and the more you have of them the better it is!

So why not go the whole hog and make those friends real which is pretty radical in this social media world we live in where life doesn’t seem possible without having 5 and ¾ inches in your hands (and I’m referring to an phone!).

As a nation we need to try that good old fashioned word ‘Interaction’ -  in·ter·ac·tion – remember it? – If not google it! 

Are those 612 cyber pals really real?  When was the last time you went for a G&T with one of them or met up for a fat slice of cake?

Still looking for Mr Right?Want to find the one? Making do with Mr will do? Turn off the Tinder – in fact just burn tinder to a cinder! – are you ever going to find a deep and meaningful relationship swiping to the right?

Stop checking Facebook feeds every five minutes!

Refrain from posting embarrassing photos of yourself or others or photos of what you are eating! – there is simply no need and no one is actually interested in you made a cracking shepherds pie!

In fact go completely wild with utter abandonment and delete the Facebook app from your phone!  Why not live life on the edge and go bonkers and ust delete Facebook and try living without relying on social media!  Think of all the hours you could do something different and meaningful!

Encourage mealtimes to be a phone free zone along with any trips to restaurants - its rude and unnecessary – Bring back the art of proper conversation and make more family and friends time!

Forgive, forget, and keep no regret – don’t hold a grudge - move on – Karma will come and sort out that shithead, so don’t let your stress levels rise!  Stress is one of the biggest killers and contributors to illnesses so be happy!

Make time to give your confidence a boost/learn something new/work towards a new challenge – try something different/something fun – go trampolining, buy an electric scooter or learn how to ride a bike or swim.  Redress any gaps in your knowledge that time or the years gone by have never allowed you to address.

Make the usual unusual – its easy to get into a rut where we do the same things day in, day out and our days pass by as a routine-filled blur. Next year, spice up your life by vowing to do one small thing differently each day or week. Wear something you wouldn’t normally wear, don’t save things for best, order a different coffee, try a new food every week; a absolute bonus if they happen to be green or shop in a different location; make everything more interesting/adopt a different attitude to what and how you do things!

Sort out any financial worries – Stop avoiding this area of your life if it is problematic!  To help get your year off to a good start, get your finances in order.  Sit down and make a list of what you can do differently and how you can save cash each month. Refusing to look at your bank account doesn’t mean you have more money!

Do something nice for someone else - as normally our resolutions list are inwardly focused, it’s worth remembering there’s a whole world out there too. Plan to do one nice thing a day for someone else; whether it’s something small like giving a compliment or on a larger scale by volunteering your time to the community - it will also indirectly boost your own happiness and sense of achievement!

Love the body you’ve got – be honest and do something about it if you are not happy with what you have - whether it’s more exercise you need which we all know has benefits to our health, improves our moods and mentality; or whether its eating better by cutting out junky snacks and adding in more wholesome foods; whether its giving up smoking or drinking – there is help and support out there but it has to start with you wanting to do something about it in making those changes.


Most of all one thing that costs nothing is good old-fashioned manners – 'please' and 'thank you' goes a long way!

Treat people how you would like to be treated!

Finally spread a smile: Make life worthwhile!