IN 2021 I MUST ......

Exchange any feelings of road rage by waving and blowing kisses to fellow motorists at roundabouts

Only eat 1 doughnut rather than the whole box/Only eat 1 biscuit rather than the whole packet!

Stop eating doughnuts

Stop eating biscuits

Find someone to kiss besides the dog

Make an annual bucket list

Buy a bucket

Get my photo taken in interesting places - the world’s my lobster

Do not walk and text  

Stop texting the person in the next room

Stop texting the person sitting next to me

Stop texting!

Only eat white snow from now on

Stop eating snow!

Stop pulling weird faces on selfies

Stop taking selfies where my face is missing

Stop taking selfies!

Start eating more healthier- remembering to finish all the junk food first to avoid any temptation

Exercise once or twice this year

Stop apologising for things I am not sorry for

Stop picking my nose when no one is looking

Get rid of all the clothes that I will never wear again

Be more selfish!

Celebrate being more selfish!

Stop blaming my dog for farting

Stop farting

Buy a plant and let it live

Buy a plant

Stop taking medicine because it tastes good

Stop taking medicine

Sleep like a normal person


Always wear sexy underwear, “just in case”.

Always wear clean underwear, “just in case”.

Stop Twerking

Start Twerking

Think of a password other than "password.

Remember passwords

Improve my memory

Stop pressing the stewardess button on airplanes just to see if it works

Stop pressing others stewardess buttons on airplanes just to see if they work

Start buying lottery tickets at a luckier store

Start buying lottery tickets
Remember to check for loo paper when leaving the bathroom

Remember to check for loo paper when entering the bathroom

Try to drive closer to the speed limit

Try to drive
Keeping an extra safe distance when driving behind police cars

Keeping an extra safe distance when driving police cars
Never take sleeping pills and a laxative on the same night.

May the next year find your waistline slimmer, your wallet fatter, your cholesterol lower, and your tolerance level higher!