As soon as I wake up .......

You take my blues away!




Sometimes it really is the thought that counts and Valentines Day is no exception! Everyone wants to be remembered by their loved one on this special day. 

But instead of being sucked into the marketing mans dream and spat out at the other end with your shop bought card, your expensive bouquet of roses, box of chocolates including soft centres and bottle of mass produced bubbly later (not forgetting the dent in your credit card), take five! 

Breathe and step away from that little piece of plastic to consider some alternative and easy options that cost nothing but do require an investment of time and effort on your behalf to show how much you really care!

❤Make a list of reasons why you love them turning even the most negatives into a positive. 

Example; 'I Love You, even when you even when you break wind at the dinner table or in the most inappropriate places and times and when in public you blame it on me'. 

The number of reasons you produce could depend on how long you have been together to signify something that is relevant to your relationship. 

Place under their pillow to wake up to or make sure you leave it somewhere for when they get up on February 14th.

❤To ensure once they have got out of bed the theme of love continues, decorate the bathroom mirror with lipstick kisses and a special message written in red (note: a lipstick test is highly recommended in advance of this activity to ensure you can clean it off without too much hassle & don’t use one of your most expensive lippies, otherwise you will only see red and look back in anger).

❤Prepare breakfast for your loved one, preferably back in bed.  However, as Valentines Day falls on a week day and we all have busy lives instead make them a 'packed breakfast' to take to work consisting of their favourite food items (not a Full English as never tastes good cold or when all gets congealed together). 

Greggs are doing a nice little range of Valentines cupcakes with a ring included, so toy/keepsake and cake - win/win combo!  Morrisons have got both beefburgers and cheese in the shape of hearts, but may be a bit of an unconventional menu for a love brekkie without the rennies and not suitable for veggies, vegans etc.

❤Leave 'post it notes' on their car dashboard or windscreen. (Remember to check the weather report for night before otherwise the windscreen option could be a damp squid and any words of love lost in transalation of them not being able understanding what you are banging on about).  This suggestion and option is unsuitable if another mode of transport is used!

❤Make that someone special in your life a 'Certificate of Love'. (Easily achieved on the PC or good old-fashioned pen & paper).  Pledge a day of love as an IOU with a space they can use to fill in the date to do whatever they want (Be prepared to get the fluffy handcuffs out and Vaseline ready!). 

❤Hide some tokens of love or little reminders of your affection by placing them in their coat pockets/bag/briefcase. (Perhaps a chocolate heart or a favourite photo of you both, avoid items of sexy underwear as may lead a to embarrassing situation away from the home and could be mistaken or used as a hankerchief and questions being asked).

❤Before they get home leave a note/sign somewhere visible and then like Hansel and Gretel create a trail, (not bread or stones as they did as not very romantic and will possibly break the hoover or choke the dog) perhaps chocolate hearts or rose petals which lead to you. 

❤Prepare a meal using your creative juices and powers of patience you never knew you had, injecting into your cuisine symbols of love. For example: Write I love you with string beans/make a tart in the shape of a heart/ pipe their name in sauce/create spagbog into a heart (the latter admittedly challenging and dont be demoralised when they demolish it in nano seconds!) 

❤Be different with the way you eat.  Stuff sitting with trays on your lap or up the table, have a carpet picnic.  Set the scene with picnic rug, bottle of bubbly, candles addding some special touches like confetti or balloons (remember rugs on laminate flooring can be hazardous, so do think health and safety at all times, slips trips and falls could potentially ruin any chance of getting your leg over and it is not attractive to be crying on Valentines).

❤Make a memory box to share after dinner filled with little pieces of paper recalling special times.  Take turns in reading them out whilst reminiscing. (Ensure you have remembered correctly, nothing worse if it turns out it wasn’t with them!).

❤Do a saucy scavenger hunt. Create riddles or clues to items you have placed around the home and garden. The last item should give instructions that lead to their next Valentine’s Day surprise and activity; 1) meal (see above for carpet picnic suggestion), 2)romantic film (see list of recommended films below), 3) bed(make sure clean sheets are in place and if breakfast was in bed ensure all crumbs have been taken care of nothing worse than finding an old crust before, during or after) etc.

Recommended Films👍

  • 50 First Dates
  • Pretty Woman
  • Breakfast at Tiffanys
  • An Officer & a Gentleman
  • Crazy Stupid Love
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • The Notebook
  • Ghost
  • While you were sleeping
  • French Kiss
  • Return to Me

Films Not Recommended👎

  • Shame
  • Antichrist
  • The Squid and the Whale
  • Take This Waltz
  • In the Realm of the Senses
  • Celeste and Jesse Forever
  • Closer
  • &
  • Anything Stephen King


❤Depending on what your partners feet look and smell like give them a foot massage.  If they are ugly don’t even offer as the memory will linger and not in a good way. 

❤If all else fails or you don’t have the time just shag them senseless!


Finally, a loving thought to share;

Love is not just for Valentine’s Day it’s for all year round!❤❤❤